Saturday, April 04, 2009

Seal Beach 5K

Today my friend, Monique, participated in the Seal Beach 5K run. This was my first time doing this race, but Monique has done it several times. I was unfamiliar with the course, and I did not know what to expect next. We had to leave for the race early, because parking can be kind of hard down in Seal Beach. It's also very difficult to parallel park my HUGE Tahoe.

We arrived and started walking to the starting line. There were people just hanging out. I mentioned to Monique that there weren't that many people there. Yea, well all of the sudden people appeared from everywhere.

We started the run and we were off. I keep a good pace for the first two miles and then I lost my energy. I kept going but I was not finding my second wind. I finished with a PR, I was almost a minute faster than my last race. I could have done better if I hadn't hit the wall at mile 2.

I wore one of my favorite shirts at the race, my Nike Human Race shirt, and a black athletic running skirt from running skirts dot com. I wore running skirts for a few races last year. They are quite comfortable.

After getting cleaned up, we headed down to Carlsbad to get our race packets for the Carlsbad 5000, tomorrow's race.

We took (2) pictures while we were in Seal Beach. Hopefully we can get a ton more tomorrow. Monique and I kinda lost each other at the finish line.


  1. I wish I could run. Good for you!

  2. Yeah!! Congrats! I did a marathon 4 years ago and it was actually a lot of fun...I ran a half-marathon a month ago and I am going to do another one in the Fall...I love running!

  3. Way to go! Reading you makes me miss running soooo bad.
    And your hair looks really cute!

  4. Good for you!
    Even if I do find your healthy lifestyle annoying. Stop making me look bad will ya?


  5. Great job! I totally thought there were a ton of people there too. Not the best start but oh well! Glad you had fun.

  6. I admire your dedication. Marathons are not easy, great job!

  7. You rule, Julie!


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