Monday, April 06, 2009

Need Caffeine Now!

Dear Baby Jesus,

I gave up drinking my fabulous Monster Energy drinks for Lent. Not that I'm a practicing Catholic. I probably haven't been to church since my First Communion. I needed to break free of them. I was drinking at least one 24 oz. Monster a day. They are not good for you.

I was good for 2-3 days. I started getting very bad migraines from not having my fabulous green drinks. Angry Husband told me to stop bitching and have a Coke. One Coke turned into 2 Cokes..and you know the rest of the story.

So once again, I'm now giving up Cokes. I'm on Day 4. I'm dying!

How does one make it through 10+ hours of work without caffeine?

Maybe I should attend Church or something? I can learn patience...good virtues, and all of that.

Maybe I need a new addiction..oh yea, I have one, my MacBook.

I will get over my caffeine addiction, I've done it before...

P.S. That picture above was taken my little ole' me with my Blackberry. Angry Husband was also a Monster Energy Drink addict. He is reformed.


  1. Give hot or iced green tea a try. Not nearly as much caffeine as an energy drink, but enough to ward-off migraines. AND it has health benefits, so there's no guilt.
    Good luck!

  2. How about a cup of coffee? You could even drink decaf, which actually contains caffeine.

  3. you're too funy. I have never had those energy drinks but I do have two Diet Coke's each day!!!

  4. I'm Catholic and failed to sacrifice anything for Lent this year. And, I drink Red Bull every day.

    Surely I'm going to hell.

  5. I can honestly say I have never had an energy drink of any kind...not even "red bull"...I've pictured it tasting like cough syrup although I can't imagine people drinking them if they tasted like cough syrup....

  6. I go to church. It doesn't help with the caffeine I'm still addicted to caffeine! And forget about getting through work without it, I don't go through a day without it.

  7. Giving up caffeine cold turkey is HARD! Does weaning off it count for lent?!

  8. I gave up coke about 2 years ago. It was not easy. But now about every 2 months I get a craving and give in. I can drink about 1/3 of a can before it starts to taste like syrup and hurt my stomach. So it gets a lot easier. I went from drinking 4 cokes a day to 1/3 of one every two months. I actually cannot drink hardly anything with sugar in it. Water and crystal light are my best friends!!

  9. NOT EASY! I stopped drinking coffee in Dec... and have had about 10 cups in the last 4 months... first week was the hardest... good luck!

  10. I practically overdose on caffeine ever night. People always comment on the diet pepsi and and red bull and how much I drink. I figure it's better than running into someone on the way home in the morning!

  11. Ugh...I don't drink coffee either. I made it through the day today. I don't know how it will be when I'm working double shifts next weekend.

  12. Giving up Coke? Oh the humanity!!!


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