Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pacsun clash at Clairemont 3

Yesterday, Angry Toddler, my mom, and I were given the hook-up by RockDaMullet at Pacsun's Clash at Clairemont 3. It was a skateboard and bmx show benefiting Grind for Life and Krause Family/Mission Valley YMCA Bike and Skate Park.

As soon as we got to the event, we were given VIP parking and entry passes. Way cool. We all had purple wristbands. Angry Toddler had his first experience with a porta-potty. That was entertaining for my OCD child. We then went to the entry. Angry Toddler was very excited by the huge Monster Energy truck. He called it a Monster Truck.

Angry Toddler sat and watched the kids skateboarding on the ramps, rails, and stairs at the park. He kept screaming, "I wanna skateboard now". We promised him for his 4th birthday, he can finally get a skateboard. Geez kid. But there were kids not much older than him, grinding away. So, Angry Toddler decided that he would just climb the ramps and slide down.

After walking through the crowds and vendors, we headed up some stairs to the VIP area. We were able to catch some of the kids just hanging out. It was pretty cool to see how bold they are. I'm glad that Angry Toddler has that boldness still. He's not scared of anything. Sometimes, it has been a bad thing.

After chowing on some awesome food from Chipotle, we headed over to the Vert Ramp. This was the big attraction of the show. It was covered with net on both sides. To prevent injuries from flying BMX bikes and skateboards. I was able to get some great pictures from behind the net.

Angry Toddler had already ventured around and pimped himself out to the vendors at the show. Notice his collection of stickers. They all thought he was hilarious and took pictures of him.

A little bit later, I took Angry Toddler to the car. He needed to chill for awhile and eventually fell asleep. I headed back to the show and I was able to capture some great pics.

At the end of the show, I was anticipating a raffle that SCS, SoCal SkateShop was putting on. I bought $20 worth of tickets, because hey it was for charity. Well I ended up walking away with two skateboard decks and a set of wheels. Angry Toddler was sadly disappointed though. He wanted to win the "pink skateboard". There was one complete skateboard that had pink on it. He instantly fell in love. For some reason, I think his dinosaur bedroom is going to slowly turn into a skateboard room. I think Angry Husband is going to mount the decks on Angry Toddler's wall.

I just want to say what an awesome experience this was. We met a ton of great people, had some laughs and Angry Toddler was in heaven. I hope that we can experience more fun events like this.

Once again, I want to thank RockDaMullet for letting us in on this. I would have never heard of this fantastic event without him.


  1. Sounds like a great day! I love the idea of mounting the boards to AT's wall. Just think, soon he will be a pro skateboarder with his own MTV show! LOL!!!

  2. Wowza,that sounds awesome! My wee BMXer woulda *loved* it. Sadly, he had a baseball game.

  3. How fun! My 8 year old would have been in heaven. We gave him his first skateboard for his 3rd birthday and he has used it off and on since then. It's now sticker free b/c when he first got it, he put Nemo stickers on it. So sweet! Now, he's tough. If only the dudes at the skate park knew that his board was once decorated with such juvenile decor!

  4. Hey Julie!

    Thanks for coming out to Clash @ Clairemont and supporting Grind for Life. Sounds like you and your son had a great time. Could we be possibly looking at a future pro skater? Thanks again for coming out!


  5. Hey Julie,
    Yes, it sure was a GREAT DAY!! I'm going to be watching for AT to become the next superstar there. Great photos, especially the one of the band GRANDVIEW! (A little partial, since I am the drummer's Mom) Could I have your permission to tag the photo for their myspace page? My camera crapped out, and I wasn't able to get even one good shot!

  6. AWESOME! My son 7 loves to skateboard. We bough him a Birdhouse Board for XMAS and he loves it! For never being shown what to do he took off and is fairly good now. He wants to go to a big skate park but I am kinda scared to let him.

  7. This looks like fun.
    My son is obsessed with skateboarding, and at 5, is too young for a "real" one. He has his Hot Wheels one until he turns 6. He would have dug this event.
    I follow Rock the Mullet on Twitter so we're like friends, too :)

  8. Anonymous,

    E-mail @

    I will send you the photos. I have like 5 or 6 more too.

    The kid is still talking about the skateboard show. I think we are going to redecorate his whole room with skateboards now.

  9. How fun! Bram would of been all over that. He is intriqued with skate boards.

    A skating room for Angry Tot would be precious.

    He and Bram are exactly the same age, right? Both May '05?

  10. Glad you had fun at the PacDUn event. Anytime you need a hook up for PacSun event...check with me and I will see what I can get for you. Ya know if your other mega-cool contact falls thru!


  11. Hey Julie

    Thanks for supporting the Pacsun Clash 3..On behalf of Grind for Life we appreciate the kind words and support! Hope to see you next year!
    ~Grind for Life


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