Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Even Boys Like Princesses

Yesterday was Angry Toddler's BFF's, Stella, 4th birthday. Stacey decided that she was tired of the usual birthday parties and wanted to try something different. Well all headed to Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland for the day. Stacey had made reservations for lunch at Ariel's Grotto. I told Angry Toddler that we were going to lunch with the princesses. He made a face and stated, "Princesses are for girls, pink is for girls, I'm a boy." Ok, whatever kid. This is where we are going to lunch. Well we went on a ton of rides and I took over 200 pictures. But guess who ran up to the princesses and smiled with his cheesy grin?

Stacey wondering how she is going to pay for this really expensive lunch..Thankfully, we got at least a 15% discount since I have a Premium Season Pass.

I made Stacey take a pic with me inside Disneyland. We never get photos taken of us together. Of course, Angry Toddler wanted to be in the photo. Notice the pink Blackberry in my pocket. I got caught on Twitter several times by Stacey.


  1. Of course he liked the pretty princesses!!!

  2. Well your little man, just knows a pretty lady when he see's one. Heck, I'm even inspired to take a picture with the princesses'. :)

  3. Yay for Princesses!! He is so cute!

  4. He looks happy to be with the princesses. Ben's the same way :P Do you read OC Food Mommy? She just posted about Ariel's Grotto, too.

  5. Love the photo of you. That's how I look EVERYWHERE at Disneyland. Amazing capture of the moment. (P.S. I am not showing those pics to my 3yo daughter).


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