Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cooking in the Angry Household

As I have said before, Angry Husband is hooked on the Food Network. Alton Brown from Good Eats in his hero. He DVR's every episode of that show. Angry Toddler loves to watch it with him. The kid would rather watch the food network than cartoons.

Angry Husband bought a bunch of cookbooks and is starting to make a few recipes from them. The other night he made roast and garlic mashed potatoes. He found the recipes in this cookbook, The Taste of Home.

Last night, my son had his class At The Little Gym, so we ate Subway Sandwiches. Angry Toddler loves Subway and I'm kinda hooked on their Flat Bread Sandwiches.

I told Angry Husband that I would make dinner tonight. He gave me that look. Then I told my BFF, Stacey, I was making dinner. She kinda giggled, and then asked for pictures. She said that "this is blog worthy and she needs proof that I actually cooked."

I went out this morning and bought all the ingredients to make Pioneer Woman's "The Best Lasagna. Ever." Why did I chose this recipe? The ingredients are very simple, plus she has lots of instructional pictures so I won't get lost.

I'm fairly new to this cooking thing. I'm really don't want to learn. But I figure I gotta shock Angry Husband a little. Every once in awhile, I like to surprise him and show him that I'm not so lazy.


  1. sounds yummy! i'll have to check out the recipe. & i always love those taste of home magazines you can pick up at the grocery store!

  2. I made all PW food items for Valentine's Day. I love her stuff!!! Try the baked fudge's like heaven in a ramekin!

  3. I have total, 100% faith you can do this. You have pans right? and stirring thingys...I hear those are really important...oh, and I think you need like a stove or oven or something like that, not just a microwave.
    100% faith in you!

  4. Lasagna is a great place to start! It's really easy - just takes a while to make.

    My grandmother used to give me a subscription to Taste of Home every year for Christmas. I never opened a single one, so she quit sending it. Ha!

  5. Repeat after me..."I know I can make a Lasagna" "I know I can make a Lasagna"...

  6. Ok, so I made it. I took lots of pictures. I will let everyone know how it tasted. I hope I don't poison the family.

  7. I'm a little drunk right now, but i still need pics. I heart you momma julie

  8. WOW - Mike and Brandon are a lot alike...more and more...they both like the SAME shows on the Food Network!


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