Saturday, March 07, 2009

Angry Toddler's Room Renovation is done!

We have been working on Angry Toddler's room for about two years now since he was out of the crib. I feel in love with the Pottery Barn Kids Super Saurus bedding from a couple of years ago. We have the crib set so I searched high and low on e-bay for the twin bedding set.

We got the rug, bedding, and other decorations almost eighteen months ago. The bed was last year's Christmas present from my parent's. The dresser arrived yesterday. I had to miss leave an OC Bloggy/Twitter meet-up to meet the delivery people. The bed and dresser are from Pottery Barn Kid's Camp Collection.

Angry Husband put in the can lighting last Monday. He's so talented. I barely mentioned something about can lights and he was at Lowe's within 15 minutes buying the supplies. The lights look great and the room is so much brighter now.

Of course, all I see in the room when I walk that big red stain on the expensive PBK wool rug. We will call that the "Crystal Light Incident of 2008". We thought Angry Toddler was in his room sleeping. Well Angry Husband went in to check on him and noticed Angry Toddler was sitting in the center of the rub with my container of those Crystal Light packages everywhere. They were all partially torn open and he was eating the contents..LOVELY

So now we are stuck with this stained rug. We've tried everything ourselves to clean it. Does anyone know a place in Orange County that can clean it?

Oh, and side note: Angry Husband thinks the room is babyish. He wants to re-do it all in camouflage. I told him to wait until Angry Toddler is 5.


  1. his room still looks great! I actually did not even notice the stain until you mentioned it! I love his furniture!

  2. The room looks great and the dress? Perfection!
    I love Crystal Light but, yeah, it stains. Bummer.
    It was fun at least to meet you, if only for a few minutes. We'll do it again soon.

  3. The room looks great! I know you said you have tried everything on the stain but wanted to double check that you had used oxyclean. It has done wonders at my house.

  4. I love his/your room :) I don't think it's babyish and I do think that the green paint is a great base for AT's 5 year old room!!!

    Tell Angry Husband thanks for taking my kid on the scary Ferris Wheel last night :)

  5. it looks great! & at least you've got a good story regarding the stain!

  6. I love his room. So cute. My favorite thing about it is his Little Gym medal on his bed. So sweet. But I love the story of how the stain came to be. So funny.


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