Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Didn't Order This

Today is my last day working the night shift aka swing shift until May. It's been a pretty sucky four months. On Saturdays, I'm usually woken up by Angry Toddler stating, "It's daylight time, time for clothes, and get me some chocolate milk". Aww good times, when you've had three to four hours of sleep.

Luckily, my BFF, Stacey, was able to help me entertain Angry Toddler for a few hours every Saturday morning for most of the four months. If I get Angry Toddler out of the house for a few hours in the morning, he's a better kid, and he will also take a long nap.

Stacey was available this morning, so we met up for breakfast with the kiddos. It only took me an hour to get out of the house, because Angry Toddler refused to take off an USC (University of Southern California) jersey that he had been wearing for THREE days. Seriously kid, yes, I know they won the Rose Bowl, but take off the shirt. I told him that he clothes smelled bad, he immediately ripped off the shirt and willingly put on a new one. Of course, I was barely awake, so I was sporting my jeans, Converse, a shirt from a running event, and the non-optional baseball hat.

I met them at Ruby's Diner, a local restaurant. Stacey and Stella were already sitting in a booth waiting for us. Of course, I'm Ms. Residence People Watcher, so I'm looking around with my usual annoyed look. I see a family sitting behind us, they had just sat down and were looking at their menu's. The Dad walks in after Angry Toddler and I order some drinks. The dad is carrying two Starbucks cups. Seriously, couldn't you wait until after your breakfast to get your fix? Is the Starbucks coffee that much better? I just rolled my eyes, and Stacey laughed. I even make a joke about it to our waiter, but he didn't get it. Well really, I don't even think the waiter spoke English.

We had another waiter take our food order, the previous waiter only took our drink order. Seriously, the second waiter was just as dumb. We ordered off the kid's menu and he kept asking suggestions for the combo, Stacey and I got very confused. We were like, "Umm, there are no combos on the kid's menu." The waiter checked and sure enough, he came back "oh, ya, I guess there is no combos for the kid's." Ya, umm duh...

So approximately 20 minutes later our food arrives, and this is what I see:

Why are there French fries with my eggs? I gave the waiter a look, Stacey giggled..and then I said, "Why are there fries with my eggs, I didn't order this?" The waiter says, "Didn't they tell you, we are out of Ruby's Spuds, so they are serving fries." I respond with, "Umm, no. They didn't tell us that." I would have ordered something else.

This was how my last morning of our fun Saturdays went. I seriously couldn't stop laughing and this all my made up for the fact that, Angry Toddler was being a total pain in the ass and I needed a very large Margarita at 9am.


  1. Today was out of control. Sorry I pinched him today. He deserved it!

  2. Can't blame Angry Toddler for not wanting to take off the USC jersy!
    Breakfast sounds like it was a blast. Will you have Saturdays off with your new schedule?

  3. Nothing like some fries in the morning. That is funny. I have a good resturant post comin up on Moday. Starbucks is my addiction but even I could wait. Yeah for no more nights!

  4. I am sorry but the guy walking in to a restaurant with Starbucks had me stumped.....

  5. Funny (My kids will only eat french fries so we are trying to find places that don't serve them anymore!)

  6. I could totally go for fries for breakfast!!!

  7. I was looking at those fries like a hyena looking at a fat cow! MMMMMMMMMMMm fries. Weird for breakfast though!

  8. LMFAO!!!! I am rollin' that is too funny!


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