Friday, December 12, 2008

Sale at Tote and Tee

Amy, from Tote and Tee, sent me a little Tweet on Twitter that she's having a sale on her site. She's got these great Naughty and Nice tees on sale. I love Angry Toddler's tee. You can see the cute pictures of him in it, I took these a couple of weeks ago!

Amy is offering these Naughty and Nice tees for $15. They are regularly priced at $24. She has all sizes in stock. If she runs out of a size, she will give an immediate refund. She will also ship them out ASAP. You can also order these ahead and use them for next Christmas' pictures too!

You can also use the code SANTA, which will take 20% off your entire order. She has lots of cute things under $10. Unfunately, she won't be able to ship out any custom tees until after Christmas. But she can ship out Naughty and Nice tees or other small goods, asap!


  1. if i didnt already have one, i would buy one. Her stuff is fabulous.


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