Friday, December 12, 2008

Digital Pictures and Picture Frames

We've decided to give digital picture frames to the grandparents this year for Christmas gifts. So that meant that I needed to organize my digital photos. We have a ton, except, I think they are on three or four computers. We've had several computers die on us. I don't think Angry Husband got the photos off some of those computers, we have a void of pictures from November of 2006 to mid 2007.

I went through and deleted all the crappy photos and flipped the ones that weren't right. I also noticed there is barely any photos of Angry Husband and I. It truly makes me very sad. Angry Husband always pressures me to take the camera when we go places. I don't mind, but seriously we have thousands of pictures of Angry Toddler but none of us. That's really sad.

We have never even taken a family picture either. I asked Angry Husband to take a family picture about a year ago and he agreed. But, we still don't have that picture.

So hopefully, Angry Husband will get the old photos off the other computers this weekend so I can finish these digital frames. This is one thing he can't blame on me for not getting it done. I'm at a stopping point and can't go any further with this project.


  1. I am getting a digital frame too, for all my Australia photos. They take up SO much room. You'll have to share some of the photos you use :)

  2. That's a great idea. If you have a ton of photos for one event. To do a digital frame scrolling through them. Yes, I will share some of the photos once I get this all organized.

  3. family pictures projects stress me out too! I have the same problem... pics are on 3 different computers... about an hour ago I finished a custom calendar or my mom - HEADACHE!!!
    Good Luck with the family photo!

  4. I want to get one of the digital frames for my parents that I can automatically sent them updates from my cell or computer...have you seen those!? There like wireless frames!

  5. We were the same way...we had digital pictures everywhere. We finally bought and external hard drive. And now every couple of months we update with all of our new photos. That way we will always have them in one place.


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