Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nike "Tempo" Track Shorts

With all my running lately, I've purchased some workout clothes. I thought I would share some running shorts that I feel in love with. They are the Nike "Tempo" Track shorts. Usually I have to wear compression shorts under my running shorts. I have "bigger" thighs. If I don't wear compression shorts, I spent 1/2 my run pulling my shorts out of my thighs.

I have worn these shorts a couple of times and I'm in love. They are cut perfectly. They don't ride up and I don't have to pull them out of my thighs. They are decently priced too. They average around $28.


  1. Those do look comfy- can you tell me how long they are? I really like to keep my cellulite on the back of my thighs covered....

  2. They are in the washing machine otherwise I would measure them.

    I usually wear a medium in Nike shorts. I wear a size 8-10 pants. I got a large in these shorts so that they would be a tad bit longer.

    I need to cover my cellulite on my thighs too. Ha!

  3. I soooo need some running shorts. I must get some!!!


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