Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My son's imagination

I love kids and their stories. Angry Toddler loves to tell stories. Most of them do not make sense. He's very fictional.

Well this morning I dropped him off at pre-school. His teacher asked if we were going camping? I laughed at said, "Umm no". She told me that he only took short naps the past two days because after wake-up time, we were going to pick him up and take him camping.

Where does he get this from? Angry Husband does want to go camping. We've been talking about it for awhile. Both we both agreed to wait until Angry Toddler was fully potty trained and that we wanted to buy the camping equipment first.

Yea, and I'm still trying to recover from my first and only camping trip from 1994. The Kappa Sig Spring Break River Trip. This was a Fraternity planned river/camping trip. Um, Julie does not camp. My sorority sister, Suzanne, and I purchased a tent especially for this trip. We were 18 year old college freshman. Our first priority was drinking lots of beer. They even had special mugs made for the trip. You know those Fraternities and their beer mugs. Well we made it through Day 1 of the trip. It was hot, sticky, and dirty. We all chipped in for a hotel room in town. We rented that hotel room to take hot showers. So much for camping.

Angry Husband wants to know why I never want to camp. Well duh, I don't like getting dirty like that. I think I would need one of those $100,000 recreational vehicles to go camping. Poor Angry Toddler, maybe he can go camping with daddy....


  1. Kids are so funny. I love that you rented a hotel room to shower in. That is funny!

  2. omg that is so cute! ricky comes up with off the wall stories too.

    I am not a camping gal! I need AC, refrigeration, and tv!!!

  3. Julie,

    Boy do I remember River...At least I think I remember River... I have a mug and a t-shirt from it so at least I think I went to River :) I know I didn't go the year you went but I don't remember where I was... Houston, I think we have a problem...


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