Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Halloween at Williams-Sonoma

I get snazzy e-mails from Williams-Sonoma probably every day. They like to spam like Pottery Barn. Gee, I wonder, they are from the same parent company. I unsubscribed from Pottery Barn's e-mails a couple of months ago.

These have these items featured for Halloween. They look yummy. I don't know though. I worry about the freshness of the items. Has anyone ever bought their pre-made goodies from online or through their catalog.

I love Williams-Sonoma though. I would buy more stuff from there, but I don't cook enough, I mean cook. I couldn't justify all the great stuff.


  1. I want that apple so bad! Yum! Cute blog by the way, I havent seen it before. I should be a good mom and make those cookies with the kids too.

  2. My mom got their chocolate croissants and they were SOOO good.


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