Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gymboree Moms

It's Gymbucks Redemption Time!!!

It is really supposed to start tomorrow. But they started a day early. You can redeem them online right now or even go into the store and use them.

My mom works at Gymboree and she just called me. She told me to let everyone know that they started early.

I think she must be bored at work.

I think my mom is on the up-swing of her bi-polarness. She started asking about what to buy Angry Toddler. A few days ago, her world was crumbling cause of the stock market. Today, she is buying Angry Toddler clothes.

Go figure!


  1. Well if Angry Grandma wants to spend money...let her. She can have a biracial granddaughter to buy for if she wants!! ;)

    You're mom cracks me up. she bitches about spending money and worried and then goes out and BUYS more clothes for Caden!! Gotta love her!!!


  2. Oh are so funny. Angry Grandma already has a biracial granddaughter to buy for! Tee Hee!

  3. LMAO!! Crazy ole' mama you have! That's awesome though! I want my mama to buy my kiddos clothes! (cool clothes that is lol)

  4. BACK OFF Stacey...Angry Grandma is OURS!!!



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