Monday, September 01, 2008

Potty Training HELL

I will let you know about my dirty little secret.

The Angry Toddler is not potty trained yet. YES, I know he turned 3 in May. Well of course, everyone around me had a potty trained kid that's younger than AT. But seriously, he is very stubborn. I swear we are soo bad at potty training in our house. Even our dogs are not fully trained, here's your sign.

Anyway, I got sat down by the Supervisor at Angry Toddler's school on Wednesday. She wanted to talk to me about AT along with his teacher. They asked about how AT was progressing with his potty training. Well people, umm, he's with you, umm let's see, 5 days a week. Wouldn't you know? SERIOUSLY.

I told them that he was doing pretty good and when they switched teachers in early July, he completely regressed. His behavior was really bad too. He's finally getting back on track though. He's having awesome days at school and his behavior is pretty good too.

They told me to put him in underwear for school on Thursday and we would start our little "Potty Training Bootcamp". He did really good on Thursday at school, no accidents. But he had a poop accident, Thursday night. Poor Angry Husband had to clean it up since I was working.

The past weekend he's done pretty good. AH had to put him in a pull up yesterday though, cause he got tired of cleaning up poop. The kid won't poop in the toilet. He's just soo stubborn.

Hopefully, we will have a good week ahead of us with training. It's a good thing that he's at school the next few days, they can really work with him.

This just really sucks. I wish I could just pay someone to come and train him. Seriously!!

Wish me luck!

oh, and...

P.S. Rewards don't work with him. We've tried candy, bribes, you name it.


  1. Seriously, no pants at all while he's home. It's gonna totally suck for the first one or two days, but really, it works.

  2. You gotta keep working with him. Stop buying pullups all together...the are super smart and know you have them. Once I ran out of diapers...I didn't buy anymore and she HAD to poop in the potty.

    Just keep at it!!!

  3. My Kate sounds just like AT. She's not 3 yet, but is no where near being PT trained. She is stubborn, bribes don't work, and she's seriously just not into it at all. If you find someone you can pay for training, PLEASE share ...

  4. I'd agree with you Lindsay if Caden wasn't so OCD. If he goes without pants for a couple days, he won't put them on again. Remember when julie used to have to put him in zip up, footless jammies, with the zipper in the back so he wouldn't strip. He likes to pick one thing to drive julie crazy with! Sorry Julie. You know I <3 your OCD/ADD child and you!

  5. aww Julie, ricky wasn't fully potty trained before I had my accident, that would have made him 3 years and a few months old. He would pee in the potty but not poop. I have no idea what my cousin or mom did but when I got him back he was fully potty trained.

    So when/if I have another kid, I will be lost.

    I would just keep working with him, no more pull ups. I think after the first few days he might catch up. Also if you think he is getting ready to poop, maybe straining or whatever, immediately sit him on the potty. Soon he will learn it's better to have clean pants than sit in poop.


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