Friday, September 26, 2008

Ignoring Other Blog

Poor Angry Toddler. I have ignored his blog alot in the past year. I got so caught up with this blog. Apparently other people have noticed. Angry Toddler's Great Grandparents rely on his blog for updates, since we are really bad about calling them.

Angry Husband yelled at me this week for not updating his blog.

YAY!, I did four posts tonight on it.

I find it hard to update his blog when I have no photos of him. It's really hard now to get a normal picture of Angry Toddler. He runs away or covers his face with his hands. What happened to my cute toddler who would say "Cheese" for the camera?


  1. Same here, I have a second (private) blog that pretty much is only read by the grandparents!

  2. I started a blog and have been too lazy to work on it. So, I come to fancy yours instead.

  3. You must not forget to blog...EVERYWHERE!!! :D


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