Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Prayers

I went to pick up Angry Toddler from preschool today. He was sitting at a table with one of his friends. They had plates and dishes scattered all over the table. I think they also had some play food.

The one little boy went to grab for the food and Angry Toddler caught his hand. They both then put their little heads down, put their hands together, and said some kind of little prayer. All I heard it "Thank You God...or something".

I think they are praying before meals at his preschool. I don't know but I've never seen Angry Toddler do that before. But I thought it was soo cute.

And believe me, we are not the praying type around here.


  1. We are not the praying type of family either but my son went to a christian preschool and he always says a prayer before a meal and the stuff that is in said prayer is comical. I wish I could bottle it all up so I remember it all when he is in highschool.

    Gotta love baby prayers.

    I left you some LOVE on my blog!

  2. Isn't it sweet when they do things you don't do at home. I love it when Lauren does her praying(In the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit..AMEN). Totally steals my heart!!

  3. I would have flipped out. ROFLMAO But, you knew that about me. hahaha


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