Thursday, July 17, 2008

Got the car washed today

I accomplished something today, right?

Angry Husband always asks what I did during the day. I can reply today, oh I got the car washed. Usually my response is something like, umm I went to the gym....and then he goes and....which my response is something like, umm wandered around Target.

Angry Toddler got into my car this morning and said, "Mama, u need go carwash". Yea when a 3 year old tells you, that it's time, well it's time.

The backseat was full of woodchips and sand. Gee I wonder where that came from.

I'm going to have Angry Toddler dump out his shoes before he gets in the car today.


  1. I hate those blasted woodchips!

  2. Brandon washed my truck...but didn't attempt to do the inside which is needed most!!

    Why does it get so dutty so fast?? Its those Damned kids!!!!


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