Saturday, July 05, 2008

Family 4th of July

After I got home from my 5K, I changed my clothes (showered, of course), and we headed out for some errands. The first place that we arrived at was Lowe's, which according to Angry Toddler is "The Tool Store". Angry Toddler loves going to Lowe's. While we were in there, he (AT) cracked us up. He had one of his cars in his hand and screamed a store an employee, "Check out my cool car, DUDE!". Angry Husband and I were totally cracking up. We made our purchases and then left the store.

Angry Toddler and I were in patriotic outfits for the day. Angry Husband chose not to dress in red/white/blue.

After running errands, Angry Husband told me that he needed some caffeine. We of course, he wanted a Monster energy drink. We had to stop at the Chevron Food Mart so he could picked up one. Oh My God, the damn can was Huge. It's called a B.F.C., which is supposed to be a Big Fat Can, but we use another word for F, in our house. I had to take a picture with my cellphone to show how big this can was.

We then went home. Angry Toddler and I headed to the mall with my mom to do some shopping. Angry Toddler had another growth spurt and he needed some new tennis shoes. We went to Nordstrom, and got these new Stride Rites. He's in a 10W now, which is huge. With huge feet, come huge prices for shoes.

After we came home from shopping, Angry Toddler and I had a nice long nap. I was really tired from running, and I guess, Angry Toddler was tired from shopping. When Angry Toddler woke up, we enjoyed some dinner, high quality hot dogs, and some fireworks.


  1. Looks like you had a really good day--and that cake looks yummy!

  2. Holy Cow! You're a crime scene investigator?? I'm so impressed I can't stand it. I'm obsessed with all things criminal (except committing them). Hey, did you hear that the serial killer "The Serpent" is marrying a woman 44 years his junior if the Supreme Court lets him out?

  3. Sounds fun!! Cute pics! I can't believe how big AT is getting! Wow! BTW, you look fabulous!!


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