Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake in So. Cal

We just had an earthquake in Southern California. Holy Crap! It scared the hell out of me. It registered as a 5.8 and was centered in Chino.

I tried calling Angry Husband but all the phone lines were busy for like 15 minutes.

My mom called, she didn't even ask if I was ok. All she wanted to know, is if our fish tank was ok. We have a 125 salt water tank in our dining room. She was concerned about the damn wood floors...


  1. So is the fish tank ok? My mom called too! She asked if Stella was ok and I'm like...if she wasn't they would have called, right? Then Carlos called and was like "is the gym ok?" Um Ya! then he asked if Stella was ok. and I gave him the same smarty pants answer I gave my mom. Guess who called the school to ask if she was ok. Yep, me. Then I had to text everyone back. Guess what? She's fine!

  2. Scary stuff!! I am worried one will happen at night. I would piss myself! I wont even shower tonight because I don't wanna be in the shower if it happens again! LOL!

  3. UH! I couldn't handle an earthquake at all! Glad you are okay!!

  4. So glad you're ok!! I haven't ever experienced an earthquake so I think I might shit myself!!!

  5. that is so scary, I am glad you all are ok!


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