Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Difficulty Adjusting

Yes, it's time to talk about Angry Toddler again.

It's been almost 3 weeks since he switched classrooms at preschool. Since then, I swear he's had like 5 new teachers. Which has left me terribly angered. His orginal teacher was on vacation for the first week of the switch. Ok, it's summer I understand that. She came back for a week and then gave her notice. Yep, she was quitting to go to work in the elementary school setting.

So this Monday he got a new teacher. His new teacher is fresh from maternity leave. I barely got to meet her yesterday. I like to start off the mornings by talking to his teacher. I tell her about his issues lately, and advise her of other things.

This morning was a rough morning. Angry Toddler was having a meltdown cause they moved two of his friends to another class for breakfast. It was only a temporary thing, but he lost it. The kid does not like sudden changes. It flips him out.

I wanted to talk to his teacher about a major issue we've been having. Angry Toddler has been coming home every day from preschool, soaking wet. He seems to get into some kinda of water. Usually it's the hose. I understand today, Wednesday, is water day. I dressed him accordingly. But seriously, yesterday, he went 3, YES THREE, seperate outfits at schools. I'm sorry, but I can't do laundry like this every day.

Another teacher told me last week to just dress AT in swim trunks and a t-shirt, so he will dry faster. People, can you kept the damn hose away from my kid. It's really that easy. Angry Husband is usually one of those let them roll with it type of people. But even he is getting pissed now. We went on Monday to get Angry Toddler and AH saw first hand how we he is when I pick him up. We were on the way to his Little Gym Class. We had to do a complete outfit change before we even made it to the class.

So, yea, the kid is not adjusting well to this class. Every day I walk by his old classroom and get a little sad. I see his teacher, and she tried to cheer me up. But she knows. Everything she worked so hard on, is now down the drain.

AT was also doing really good at potty training too. Now, not so much. He's completely regressed. He even asked my mom for a diaper the other day. He has not worn diapers during the daytime since February.

I'm going to try and talk to the teachers today about the water issue, but his main teacher will probably be gone when I get there. Sigh...

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  1. awww it is so hard for the kiddos until they get adjusted. I had one little girl who would just cry and cry for me everytime I would leave her in the classroom up from mine. It took her a couple of weeks but she finally got adjusted and AT will too. They just have to get used to the new teacher.

    When I moved to my own new classroom the kids took awhile to adjust. Try having 19 almost 2 year olds, LOL.


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