Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mommy and Me Trip to Disneyland

I was in the middle of my single parent action for the week last night. I needed something to entertain Angry Toddler for the night. He is much better when his is being stimulated. I did something completely un-me. Seriously, I get very bad anxiety from AT sometimes. But I decided to be a grown-up and take Angry Toddler to Disneyland, all by myself. I think my mom was in shock when I told her. She kept calling me to see how things went.

Angry Toddler was great. He sometimes got a little squirmy in line, but I gave him that nice little parenting phrase, we all know and love. "If you don't behave or listen, we are going to go home." I swear, he straightened up and was an angel, everytime I said that.

The kid even sat in the stroller for me. It was amazing. We went on 4 rides, I think? Which was enough for AT, since he had been at preschool all day. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring me camera, but I had the Disney folks take a picture of us, see above.

I might try that again, someday. Angry Husband takes him all the time by himself. I'm not that brave.

Tonight, my parents are coming over. We are going to go to dinner or something.


  1. What a sweet photo! That's great you had a good time.


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