Thursday, May 01, 2008

Crisis Averted-Wedding Ring Almost Lost

Ugh! I get soo scatter-brained sometimes. I was feeding Angry Husband's fish and the phone rang. I went to answer the phone and somehow I got saltwater all over me. I got distracted from a damn wrong number. I argued with the person for like 2 minutes. It was probably a bill collector.

Anywho I washed my hands and then threw out some trash. I then realized, OMG, where is my wedding ring. SHIT!!! I can't lose another one. I looked everywhere and couldn't find the ring. I even called my mom and told her to bring over a wrench. I figured that the only place that the ring could be, was in the drain. My stomach started hurting.

I then went and got Angry Toddler from school. Meanwhile, I got a phone call from my mom lecturing me about losing jewelry. It's a pattern with me.

I looked everywhere when I got home. I picked up a dish towel discarded on the counter and out my ring fell. YAY! I was soo happy. I called my mom to let her know. She told me that I need to get my ring re-sized. Since I've lost some weight, my ring is huge.

Angry Husband would have been pissed at me. This is my 2nd wedding ring. My first ring was lost/stolen when our house was for sale in 2005. This ring is a Hawaiian style ring. I don't think I will be telling Angry Husband this story when he gets home, he will give me that look.

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  1. Agree- keep that one to yourself!

    So glad you found it! That would make my heart stop for a bit...


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