Saturday, April 05, 2008

Trying to enjoy a simple fast-food dinner

I was working the late shift last night, and I was tired. I'm not used to working nights. I have been working some nights the past two weekends, since my co-worker is on vacation.

It was 7pm and I realized that I had not eaten dinner. Well I wasn't very hungry and I was feeling kinda cheap. I headed to the local fast food establishment, Wendy's, to purchase some items from there wonderful $1 menu. I ordered my small chili and caesar salad.

I sat down at an empty booth with my food and my book. I prompty stuck my nose in my book, while putting spoonfuls of chili in my mouth, when "he" sits down, in the booth behind me. Ugh, a local teenage boy.

YES, I was on duty, working. Yes, I was in my uniform. The conversation went like this:

Teenager: So do have a gun?

Me: No, I'm civilian CSI.

Teenager: Do you see lots of blood and guts?

Me: Yes, it's part of my job.

Teenager: Why don't you work in LA?

Me: Because I work here.

Teenager: What cool CSI things have you seen and/or done?

Me: All kinds. Can I go back to eating now?

The teenager turns around and sits down with his two other friends. He speaks very loud and obnoxiously when they are all eating. He apparently and obviously wanted me to hear their conversation. I just wanted to eat my cheap food and read my book.

Things like this happen every time I go out to a restaurant when I'm working. Someone always has to come and ask me stupid questions and interrupt my 30 minutes of peace, well not really peaceful, cause my radio is still on.

When I got up to throw my trash away, the teenager asked if I could hear his conversation. I said, "Well you were talking as loud as my 3 year does? What do you think?" and I walked out.


  1. What an annoying little shit! LOL!

  2. I work in LE too, so I can relate. You're a lot braver than I am because I tend to either eat in my unit or at my desk - so antisocial!


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