Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Police came to my house when I was working

My mom called me this morning from her cell. She said, umm, local police department is here and they want to talk to you....

Great! Good times! Apparently, my dogs have been barking all morning and the neighbors behind us called and complained. The neighbors claimed that we were gone all weekend long, every weekend, and we left those poor dogs home alone to bark.

Umm, the dogs barked this morning at 5:45 am, cause that's when I left for work. I leave for work at 5:45 am, Friday though Monday. They bark when the garage is opened. They bark when someone comes to our house.

The funny thing is, we are almost always home. There's someone home every day of the week.

So my mom put the woman on the phone, whom was Local Police Department Animal Control. Good thing the law enforcement community is a small world here in Orange County. Hahahahah, cause I knew the mean ole' Animal Control Officer. It was a former co-worker of mine. We re-united, made plans for a future lunch date, and I got lectured about not licensing my dogs. Yes, I'm a violator. I'm writing the check out today so I can get them properly licensed.

My friend, the AC Officer, told me that she would go and talk to the neighbors. She would advise them, that yes, indeed, there is someone at home, all the damn time and we are not ignoring the dogs!

Anyway, this prompted yet another trip to PetSmart. I had to buy another bark collar. We now have (2) bark collars, one of each of my four-legged children. They get soo excited and bark, bark, bark.

Angry Husband and I discussed the doggies. We decided to give them each a bath on Monday and bond with them during the day. We might even take them on a special trip to dog beach or the dog park.


  1. OMG!! Your dogs and their incessant barking!! LOL

    That is a CRAZY day at your house.

  2. Love that pic, AJ! Too funny. :-)

  3. Do those dog bark collars work?


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