Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm sorry my Midwestern Friends

I'm sorry that I live in California, and you live in SNOWVILLE USA. It's rainy and cold here today. I want to curl up with a blankie and sit on my couch. But Noooo, I'm sitting here at work, going in and out of the building, driving around in this weather.

So I start my bitching to my friend Shannon, whom lives in BFE Iowa. I complain about the weather and how I'm cold. She laughed at me. I told her it was like 50 degrees. She was like, um 0 degrees is cold here, 50 is warm weather for us right now.

I can't even imagine. I hate being cold. I hate cold weather clothes. I can't wait to run around in shorts and flip flops.

I'm sorry My Midwestern Friends who are sitting in their houses, because they have fricking blizzards outside and can't drive around.


  1. It is snowing, sleeting/raining here...22 degrees...with the lows in the teens....I want to come visit you! Rain or no rain!

  2. Yes, I think I live close to ms. Dixie...

    my in-laws live in Michigan and have gotten over 100 inches this winter. No, I'm not making that up.

    on the other hand, my parents live in whatever to that!

  3. I love your blog, especially #3 in the "about me" section. Apparently I am very smart as well.

  4. I live in Oklahoma. The weather varies a great deal. It has been cold lately, but I refuse to wear a coat. NEVER. Even in the snow.


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