Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear Angry Toddler

I know that you are 33 months old now. Which to most people means, you're almost 3. You are a big boy now. But there is one thing, you have not mastered....the potty. Angry Toddler could you please learn to use the potty. You are wearing a size 7 diaper now. Did you know how hard it is to find these diapers?

Mommy went to two Targets today to look for diapers for you. She finally found them and bought the last 3 packages that they had. Umm, these should last maybe a week?

Plus, mommy loves Target and she spent another $75 in addition to the diapers that she did not have to.

Maybe we could make this your birthday goal? We have 3 months still?


  1. Awww, AJ, I'm feeling your pain. My little monster girl will be three in May and absolutely will not even pretend like she is interested. grrrrr....... She says everyday "Maybe, I be big enuss tomorrow..." What's big enough??? Middle-school???

  2. Oh...we're right there with you! He does it fine all day at daycare and then must know we won't let him walk around stinky, poopy and goes in his pants at home!!! They say it just clicks one day and wala! they do it...but when???

  3. The Politician could not be bothered with the potty until about 3 weeks before this 3rd bday. And it was actually pretty easy once he decided he was ready! I hear boys are harder than girls.....

  4. found u thru my blogherad ;-) I feel your pain! that has got to be hard. Both my boys are early trainers. My 1st age 2.. and my 2nd is actually starting now (he is 14 months) ppl think im insane for starting so early.. but heres how i see it.. he can stay dry over an hour... why not stick underwear on him so he gets familiar with the toilet, and the sensation of getting wet and peeing. Hes doing great so far.

    We've only had two accidents. Naps and bedtime of course still require diapers.

    Does he just refuses to go?
    Im all curious now :-)

    I dont know you but I do love to share how I trained my (now 3 year old)

    At age 2 I took away diapers totally except naps/bedtime.

    I then got a timer.. and some trainers undies (you can get them at target, their in the onesie dept. their thicker than regular boy undies, but not diaper-ish at all. I believe gerber makes them).

    Any how. I put those on him in the morning after I got him to pee in the toilet.
    I then set the timer for 20 minutes.
    After 20 min. Id sit him down until he pee'd. If he refused to go I set the timer 10 more min. Then tried again.

    After a few go's at this we determined he can go about 30-45 min. as long as he wasnt chugging milk.

    Then that stretched out to about an hour or so... and so on.

    The 1st 2 weeks are hardest. Especially if you drive to a store and live 20 minutes from it.. but just keep that timer handy and dont put a pull up on him.. or diaper.. because they are SMART! and they know they can pee in those.

    Within 2 weeks he was fully trained.

    Now we do still wear a pull up at night.. because Ive tried numerous times to get him to go at night and stuff... but he just wont and he wakes up SOAKED no matter what. So I think he'll be a late wetter. But I can afford that much better than all day stuff.

    I hope that helps!

  5. My youngest will be 3 at the end of June and is still in diapers, mostly b/c I'm not ready to deal.

    Potty training is the WORST. If you time it right (when he's REALLY ready) it should only take about 1-2 weeks MAX. (not counting nighttime)

  6. Sorry your having a hard time. If it makes you feel better at least you haven't had to search for those size 7s long. My son is 20 months and is in a 6 and has been for a while - those are only gonna work for a few more months then we'll go to the 7's. I have a feeling by the time he potty trains he'll be wear grown up depends...LOL. Good luck - hope he is ready soon!!


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