Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rhett Butler's People

I am a huge, huge fan of Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. I've read the book over ten times. I first read the book in sixth grade. I think that's when my love of reading truly started.

But lately, I've been reading alot of chick lit type books. I try and stay away from the crime dramas, due to my job. I really get sick of crime, sometimes....

But, I was sooo giddy when I saw that there was a new authorized sequel to GWTW coming out. Rhett's Butler's People came out on Tuesday. The book begins twelve years before the Gone with the Wind timeframe.

I reserved the book online Friday night, and picked it up last night. I rarely read hardback books, so this was a moment for me. I decided to take my lunch at Panera Bread, and hide in a booth.

As I was hiding in my booth, I couldn't help but listen to a conversation going on next to me. I admit it, I'm a truly nosey person by nature. Well it appeared that these people were on a blind date. They were in the early 50's. The woman would say, "Oh I love red wine", and then the man would say, "Oh I don't drink nor do I eat red meat". It was hysterical. I felt bad for this woman. She was all done up, make-up, hair, and all. The guy was a total geek. She had this look on her face like she wanted to run away.

I think I got to page two in the book. I will save it for a later day. I'm going to try and relax more this week. It's the week of my 32nd Birthday and I want to enjoy it a little.


  1. Oh...If you know anything about me, you know I am my blog title states...I love Gone with the was also, one of the first "big" books I ever read..I think I was in sixth or seventh grade myself..I didn't know there was a book like Rhett's people in the works..I must have it! To the bookstore I go after work!


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