Thursday, October 04, 2007

Message Boards or Forums

Do you frequent them?

Do you have regular ones you go to?

I do. I have been using message boards forums ever since I was Trying To Conceive. It's an awesome thing about the Internet. There are people out there like myself, going through the same struggles of TTC, parenting, marriage, and life.

We post about our daily lives, what's going on, issues we are having. People respond with comments, tips, and such.

But alas, my favorite part of the forums, is the drama. Yes, I'm a Drama Ho, and proud of it. Because of the Internet being so anonymous, you can post just about anything, unless you are on a forum that is censored. I've seen tons of debates natural/c-section birth; breastfeeding/formula feeding; circ/no-circ; co-sleep/crib....

I could go on and on. People love to argue. I think alot of people will not say things in real life, because they are shy, or don't want to start fights. But, hey on the Internet, it's fair game. You can post your opinion, defend your opinion, and if people don't like it, you sign off your computer. You can come back in a few days, and a lot of steam has been blown off. Why? Cause there is some new drama that everyone is talking about.

I'm writing this post today, because one of the Forums that I subscribe to is down. There are over 6,000 members on this Forum. It is unknown on how many people are actually active. I'm also on several sub-boards of this message board. This is a sad day for everyone....people can't wait for this Forum to come back up, we WANT, we CRAVE, the DRAMA....

So all my other peeps out there, hopefully, the Forum will be back up soon, so we can eat our dinners in peace tonight, in front of the computer, and rehash some awesome DRAMA.


  1. Drama Ho here, raising my hand!

  2. Actually, I've only really been involved in one message board and quit because of the drama! I don't do drama well.

  3. I loooove me some drama!! So what board was down? Where's the drama? Bargain Board? I have been MIA due to my broken computer, so just point me in the right direction!

  4. Ha Ha Ashley,

    BC is soo boring. There's alot more drama on other forums. Just e-mail me from my blog and I will show you the way...


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