Friday, December 04, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

I'm sitting here thinking, we "really" need to get the Christmas stuff down from the attic. I've been thinking about it all week, actually. Angry Husband was out of town all week for work related training. There is no way I could reach anything. Plus, Angry Toddler was home sick most of the week.

We have a fake Christmas tree, why? Because I'm allergic to Christmas trees. I never had a real tree, as a child. Damn asthma. I always wanted a tree. Angry Husband and I tried to get real trees for a few years. Well, hello snot mess. I was coughing and sneezing, but I sucked it up and dealt with it. I know better, but these are the things that you do for your "real tree loving" husband. A few years ago, we got a fabulous fake one at Target, on sale, the day after Christmas, for cheap cheap cheap...

In 2007, Angry Toddler was 19 months old. He was walking, climbing, you name it. This was the start of a very wild stage. We knew that he would be total chaos around the Christmas tree. We decided to not put up the tree. We had regrets and put it up Christmas Eve right after "Santa" left. Angry Toddler was shocked when he came out in the morning. We are lazy, hence, no ornaments. It was midnight. This is what you get at midnight.

In 2008, we decorated the tree, and Angry Toddler did not mess with it. We have the most random collection of ornaments. Most of them are from my childhood. It was always a tradition for my grandmother to buy me an ornament every year for my birthday in November. The rest of the ornaments were randomly bought throughout the years. I see all these awesome trees, and it get sad. This tree really looks pathetic. It has no theme, it's random. What you see is what you get?

I wish I was more creative. It seems that we always get super busy and put off the Christmas decorating. It doesn't help that Angry Husband works in retail, and this is the busy season for him.

Do you want to come and decorate my tree this year?
Just come and get it from my rafters in the garage.


  1. I think that the average family has a tree that looks just like yours! It's cute. Meaningful. And as long as it has lights, its PERFECT! I went to a fundraiser called "Festival of Trees" here in UT the other night and omgoodness... those trees were way BEAUTIFUL, but unrealistic, really. Who has thousands of dollars to buy decorations for a Christmas tree? Again... not your average family! Happy decorating! :)

  2. Personally I like the random tree. Ours is the same but all the ornmanets on it have a meaning and I prefer that to pretty. :o)

  3. We also have a tree like your's. I grew up with a tree that was random. I had 2 brothers and every year until we were 18 my parents would get us an ornament (usually in the them of what we were into that year). Wehn we got married they gave them all to us.

    I have all of mine growing up, a few of Ryan growing up, some old ones of my Aunt that passed that I liked...etc. I think as long as there are lots of lights that a random tree is neat! It may not be a model home tree, but I think I like the random ones best! No color theme, etc.

    Ta ta!


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