Monday, December 07, 2009

It's a Wrap!

In the past few years, I've become quite obsessed with "wrapped" gifts. I know that it is much easier to toss a gift into the gift bag, and add some tissue paper. I just think that opening a wrapped present makes it much more special. I agree that there are some gifts that can't be wrapped due to their size, dimensions, etc. But I try and wrap every gift that I give.

I think Container Store is my favorite store to buy gift wrap. It is a little pricey, but it is truly beautiful. They have matching bows and other accessories also.

Family Fun has a great idea using a sprig of greenery and white paint to make plain wrapping paper, a decorative spark.

HGTV shows that recycled brown Kraft paper is a great anytime gift wrap. Tie with twine and embellish.

Gift boxes from Holiday theme scrapbooking papers.

I usually buy most of my wrapping paper from Sally Foster. It is a company that usually sells through the schools for fundraisers. I became addicted to Sally Foster wrap a few years ago, when a co-worker was pimping, I mean selling it for their child's school. I love the paper, because it is thick, cuts easy, and is usually reversible.

Gift Wrap and Bow Videos from the Container Store
7 Gift Wrapping tips and Tricks from Good Housekeeping
How To Create A Wired Bow from Living with Lindsay


  1. All great ideas. Wrapping is one of the most fun parts of gift giving and the holidays. Going to try the kraft paper and scrap book letters. :)

    ~ humps

  2. I haven't bought my wrapping paper this year. What am I waiting on? Lazy. I love your ideas and they've inspired me to get started!

  3. I'm on a Kraft paper, twine, embellishment kick this year for all the presents under the tree. I love giving an ornament (homemade or store bought) and it's super easy to just slip it onto the twine at the end. It's like two gifts in one. Fabulous!

  4. I am the exact opposite of you! I absolutely, 100% despise wrapping paper. Every gift I buy goes into a bag (now tissue paper, that is fun!). I think it may be because being left handed, I always had problems with scissors and cutting wrapping paper, or maybe it was the mess it made everywhere when it was destroyed...Bags are cleaner and re-usable! I'm all for the bagged gifts...

  5. Container Store is the best. So good!

    Love the brown kraft paper, too, though.

  6. I buy my wrapping paper at the after Christmas sales and then forget where I put it and buy more! Sigh!

  7. I never even look at prices of wrapping paper so I never knew it was pricey. Is that bad? But I got this years paper spotted out from the Container store(even took pics with my handy dandy iphone) when I went in the store to get those gadgets. I just need to go get it now b/c I haven't wrapped ONE thing yet. I'm so not in the mood.

  8. I love that last picture of the wrapping paper! Beautiful stuff!

  9. I am absolutely obsessed with wrapping. Have to have each present in a different wrap with different bow or ornament! Love the foil wraps the best. I got a cute pink and red foil candy cane wrapping paper roll at Marhalls that is to die for. Did it with pin ribbon!!!

  10. I LOVE gifts wrapped too and the coolness of it all. The creativity, but could I just hire someone to make my packages look like that? I have two staring at me right now that I need to wrap ASAP! Where are those elves?


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