Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stop Laughing, Right Meow...

I've seen this video a few times already, and it makes me laugh out loud, seriously...

I've worked in law enforcement for over twelve years now. I think I would lose it, if one of my co-workers told me that this happened to them...

but seriously, this video made me totally think of this Super Troopers scene...


  1. Too funny! : )
    How have you been lately Julie?

  2. I had to show this one to my husband. Awesome!

  3. lol, that's hilarious! I'm not a cat person so I'd totally freak out & think it was trying to attack me but that officer did a pretty good job of just brushing it off like 'yeah, there's a cat climbing on me but whatever...'.

    I love Super Troopers! That is one hilarious movie.

  4. OMG so funny. what a tolerant Trooper! Man, so funny.


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