Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Sofa

Dear Santa,

Angry Julie would like the Cotswold Sofa from Anthropologie. Do you think your elves could make something similar? Angry Julie cannot afford $4400 plus 8.25% tax for this sofa. She has been lusting over it for several months. It's the perfect basic for her home. She loves how it looks aged. It is quite comfortable also. Can't you see how cute Angry Toddler and his BFF, Stella, look on it?

Angry Julie can imagines hours upon hours of family bonding on this couch. Did you know that it fits three adults. With this neutral color, it would look fabulous!

Please grant my Christmas Wish.

I believe!


Angry Julie


  1. I'll take anything from Anthropologie, but that couch is especially fabulous. Hope Santa delivers!

  2. You better get to writing your letters to santa.

  3. I love anthropologie!!! That is a fabulous sofa!!

  4. Damn that Anthropolgie for charging so much!! Especially after the free publicity you just gave them. I think you should send them this post and tell them that in this recession you deserve such a treat. Working weekend ain't easy and you deserve to kick your feet up on a dandy sofa like that, I say! Good luck Julie and your kids are so cute. xoxoxox--One of 365

  5. Wow that is a really nice sofa! If Santa's elves make that for you could you send them over to me? I have a few things on my list too!! =)
    Thanks for stopping by to say hi and good luck with your WP move! Stop on over anytime - my bloggy door is always open =)

  6. Gorgeous couch! I can see why you want it. Funny post by the way.

  7. I hope somehow you can get this..Angry Toddler looks like already claimed it for you :) Anthro is gorgeous but way expensive. I think you should send them this post and they should at least send you a gift card!

  8. The couch looks great! The kids are pretty cute too! :)


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