Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Parents Obsession with Clean Cars

My parents have this "thing" with clean cars. They obsess over it. It is pretty annoying. My dad spends all weekend long "detailing" and washing cars. I'm that person who pays $20 once a month or so to get my car washed. I just don't have the time.

My mom will literally not drive her car if it is raining. She's will say, "It was just cleaned, I don't want to get it all messed up". This is the story of my life. Well, I'm quite busy. I don't have the free time to spend 2-3 hours washing and detailing my car. It would take at least an hour to vacuum all the goodies that Angry Toddler leaves in his carseat, yuck!!

Well last weekend, I parked under a very nasty tree at work. It's an olive tree, but evil birds like to sit it in. My car was ATTACKED! It looked like something puked all over my car. I saw olives and bird poop all over it when I came out of work that day. It looked like that olives fell from the tree, the bird had eaten olives and spit them all over my car, and the birds pooped out olives. I went straight home after work, and didn't wash it off. Once again, busy working mom.

Well the next day, my mom drove by my work. YES, she does that. She lives 5 minutes away. She completely lost her mind. She was shrieking about my car. Like I didn't know about it. I got off work at 5 the night before, picked up Angry Toddler from preschool, and went home. I think relaxation and sleep is a priority after working 10+ hours. I think she called me at least 5 more times throughout the day, bitching about my car, and "what people will think of me".

I got my car washed that night. Angry Toddler had some spare change, ok like $6 in his pocket. We went through the drive-thru carwash at the local gas station. I kid you not, at 8:05 the next morning, my mom started calling me AGAIN. She asked, did you get your car washed, do you need me to take it to the carwash, does daddy need to detail it?

Woman!!! The car got washed. Relax!!!


  1. Haha! Wow, I'm not sure I'd handle my mother being on my case like that so well. And for what its worth - I love taking my car out in a good rainstorm BECAUSE it gives the false impression of clean ;-)

  2. I don't even care what the outside of my car looks like......I only have it washed for the interior!

  3. Yikes, I don't think they would allow my car anywhere near them then.

    It's DIRTY! It's always dirty.

    We live out in the middle of nowhere (thing bugs...lots and lots of bugs on the windshield.)

    Oh, and the interior? I can't keep it clean either. Kids prevent that from happening.
    Exactly HOW MANY TOYS do you need in the backseat of a car anyway?

  4. Oh my gosh, were we separated at birth? I think we have the same parents! My dad details his car every weekend and when I was a teenager and got my first car, he made me wash it every weekend too! I was forever scarred and pay to have my cleaned whenever, it may be monthly, could be longer (shhhh). There was also the no food or drink in the car, don't touch the windows, don't put your feet on the seat or the back of the front seats - ack!

  5. My parents have the same deal, everytime we go by, my Dad says something to the effect of that is the dirtiest car I've ever seen. So I rebel, and only wash it once a year.

  6. OMG I'm still laughing!!! I think car washing is a guy thing - my husband will spend hours at it detailing - I"m with you, once a month $20 - better yet at my old office job, the car wash came to me!! $20 while I was working - Loved that!!! Other than that, its dirty - which is why the Tahoe is silver so you can't see the dirty!

  7. LOL That is sooo freakin' hilarious!!!!

    I would've left it to mock her!!!(Probably not she woulda washed it for you!)

  8. Whoah, your parents are pretty extreme. I have a friend whose dad is the same way, but not both parents...sheesh! Between my kids who scatter filth the way a wacky sprinkler toy sprays water, and a family of crows that lives in a tree directly over my driveway, I've completely given up on both the interior and exterior.

  9. Wow are we related?! Sounds like my Mom! I'm lucky if my car gets washed every 6 months, lol. I did just do it the other day though and vacuumed it all out. :o)

  10. And.... she says it all out of LOVE! :) I only say that, because I, too am a mom, and bitch about things to my lil' girl (already) - as I am quite the clean freak and she is, well, EXACTLY the opposite! My car, though, I'm with you, it goes through the very un-thorough drive-in car washes - only when completely necessary! My mom - she won't even ride in my car! LOL!

  11. I normally just read your blog and don't post comments, but this post just hit home way too much. My mom-in-law is exactly the same way about our cars. I think she may actually lose sleep over it. I have a 2 year old and 6 year old, so car detailing just not at the top of my list. I laughed when I read this post, just know that you're not alone...Ironically, must husband is washing my car as I write this. It has been a loooong time since it was clean.

  12. Ohmygosh...I am laughing so hard over here. I NEVER wash my car...I parked under a pine tree in the summer and there is still sticky crap all over my windshield, but I can see through


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