Monday, October 19, 2009

The Written, or Typed Word

I try to not have my blog about sunshine, rainbows, and magical unicorns all the time. It's actually ironic because of my blog name. I try and make my blog a happy place. I'm not trying to be fake, but really I really don't want to dwell on the crap in my life. I will post about my struggles with Angry Toddler, my ADD, and some of my vents. But I usually think before I actually hit that "post" button. I have deleted several posts, because I might offend someone, or I think that someone in my real life will read my rants and know that I'm talking about them.

Seriously, I wish I could be anonymous. One of my bloggy friends, Mrs. Newlywed, is an anonymous blogger. She gets crap all the time about not revealing her identity. I admire her though, because she is anonymous, can write what she wants to, and hit that "post" button. She has told me that she does think before she hits "post". What would happen if her boss read the post? She also said that if any of her IRL (in real life friends) found her blog, they would automatically know it was her, and she would be ok with that. I don't think I could be anonymous, because I'm loud, obnoxious, and would let it slip out somehow. So that's why I monitor what I write. But I do have bad days. Believe me, I wouldn't be Angy Julie.

Because of my job, I can't be as honest and open as I would like to be. Another thing is I actually have morals and integrity, most of the time. So on the surface, this is a "mommy blog". I used to cringe when I've heard that term in reference to my blog. But really, I'm embracing it now. I am a mom. At work, I'm an employee. I work for "the man". I wear a uniform forty hours a week. When I'm on "Julie Time", I try and embrace all things girly. So who cares if I blog about my kid? Why does it matter to you? I don't understand why everyone has to judge people based on their blog niche. Does that make my blog any less important? I started this blog as a place to put my thoughts down, and people could comment if they wanted. I simply amazed on how my blog has evolved in the past two years, and I'm still proud about what I write.

But lately, I'm seeing people write things on blogs, forums, and twitter that make me cringe. I'm a total voyeur, and read everything that I can, when I have time. Just because I haven't commented on your blog, newsletter, post, or tweet...doesn't mean I haven't read it. Most of the time I read things from my phone. It's easier, but it's pretty hard to comment from. When I'm on my computer, everything auto-logs and it's easier to comment more frequently. What I am really rambling about is the nastiness, the curse words, and overall rudeness that I'm seeing online more frequently. Really, do people think that they can just type things out, and not offend people. Do people care anymore? Is it all for drama and blog traffic? I actually made this comment to my husband the other day, "does this person kiss their children with this mouth?" I'm not that conservative, but seriously. I even saw something similar on an online mom show the other day. I was amazed, because this person works with PR Firms, yet she doesn't present a very good image if you saw this show.

What I am really saying is, people, you might want to think before typing something out, e-mailing, commenting, tweeting, posting on a forum, producing a Internet based show, and/or a video online. People do remember this. At least I do. You might have written this four months ago, but if it impacted me enough, I will remember.

I give a great phone conversation though, ask anyone. I can talk all day long. I do have opinions on anything and everything. But I won't always write these opinions down. I actually tend to "vomit" my information all over myself, if you ask me in person though. It's a really bad character flaw for me. I can't help it.

*I'm including some links for topics relating to this matter, cause I'm random like that.

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  1. If only we could all think before we submit!!!!! Great post!

  2. A system I've found for myself that works quite well...I blog everything, the good, the bad and of course the ugly...but the ugly stays in draft indefinitely. ;-)

  3. I am so not perfect at this. I write things I regret ALL THE TIME, but I keep trying.

    That whole "Does she kiss her kids with this month" hehhehe! Love it.

  4. i think about what i write all the time before i hit post. doesn't change much though.. HAHAHHAHA
    can't wait to move and see you in real life and then tell everyone you're really a man with a goatee. :)

  5. Hear! Hear! Why are people so bitchy to each other these days? It's not just online - it's in real life, too. I don't understand where the civility went.

  6. I have to agree with Loralee on the "kiss your children with that mouth" thing. Classic (in the two months I've "known" you) Angry Julie.

    P.S. I hope you're not referring to me. I word vomit and spew my emotional rage all over the internets. Sometimes it's therapeutic, other times it ends in disastrous water works. Either way, I definitely choose without regret but secretly wish I could be a bit less uncensored.


  7. I am a regular reader but wanted to remain anonymous for this comment.

    The funny thing about blogging: you are never really anonymous. Mrs. Newlywed tries to be anonymous but with just a couple of minutes searching on the internet you can pull up photos and her work info.

    I really hope that didn't sound creepy! I think it is important to know that people can find out personal details SO easily with the internet!

    It is always important to think before you post, if you are anonymous or not

  8. I couldn't agree with you more. What happened to being nice? I could go on about that subject forever. It just seems we live in such a selfish society where everyone just thinks about me me me and never about what words or actions can do to others.. I'm off my soapbox now- hehehe.

  9. first time visitor here and i liked your post! anonymous(in my opinion there's no such thing) or not, people should be reasonable with their words.. so I'm with y'all:)
    Happy Tuesday!

    *visiting from SITS:)

  10. Have an award for you:

  11. I always try to refer to grandma on this "If you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all". Sometimes there is blood from biting the tongue, but I sure am relieved later that I didn't publish certain posts. I think some people need to have a censor (ie: friend, spouse, neighbor) read their entries before they post.

    Thanks for posting this gentle reminder that we all need to be a little nicer and keep the language a lot cleaner.

    On a different note, I know its a mommy blog, but I sure would love to hear some stories from your job. There has to be some good ones...


  12. I know I'm not completely anonymous. Obviously things will come up if you have my real info. I try to protect who gets a hold of it, but obviously some of the wrong people have my information.

    It is one thing to find me via Google, and my boss can obviously google my name. It is quite another to have a blog where I am writing about my personal life and have someone be able to find it so easily.

    If you know me IRL you can DEFINITELY tell it is my blog. A number of friends have found it and figured it out right away. Of course there are things on the internet mostly from the past before I realized how open it really was.

    I'm just taking the necessary precautions to protect my blog.

  13. It depends on my mood if I think before I post or not. Sometimes I'm so unbelievably annoyed and mad that no, I don't think and I do use curse words just as I would irl. I tend to type how I talk. I try to stay out of the drama, but I will stick up for what's right if it really bugs me. If I post about a trending topic it's not to ride the traffic train, it's because I have a vested interest. I am who I am, online and off.

  14. I completely agree. People need to think, but then again... freedom of speech. I guess? There is no respect for others out there, thats for sure.

  15. Yes Annonymous, it does sound creepy. I'll never get why people want or need to do searches to find out more about someone. I know everyone has different opinions on that, but IMO, it's creepy and a little stalkery.


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