Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Open Twenty Four Hours?

With the sick season coming on strong right now, it might be nice to know a few places locally...that are open twenty-four hours a day..

I experienced this last week. I went to the urgent care at 8am. I had a prescription to fill after. Every pharmacy that the doctor wanted to fax the prescription to, was open at 10am. I had to be at work before 10am. Luckily, I remembered one pharmacy that was open 24 hours, a day.

So if you don't have kids, and if you do...have this list handy!

Local Resources

1. 24 Hour Pharmacies
2. 24 Hour Grocery Stores
3. Drive-Thru Pharmacies
4. Grocery Stores that Deliver
5. Food Places that Deliver

Phone Numbers (Put In Your Cellphone Too)

1. 911
2. Doctor and/or Pediatrician
3. Poison Control
4. Local Hospitals (Some Hospitals are very busy right now, you might want to call ahead)
5. Pharmacy
6. Dentist
7. Veterinarian (Animal Emergencies)
8. AAA or Towing Company
9. Mechanic
10. A List of Babysitters for Emergencies

Photo from Google Images.


  1. I agree with that emergency list. You need to have phone numbers with you at all times.

  2. this was just so freaking random. I love it.


  3. I love this! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. According to my kids, you can add my kitchen to your list. I tend to disagree.

  5. In Orlando EVERYTHING is open 24 hours. Never an issue here.


  6. OH we have just 1 24 hr walgreens around here and 1 24 hrs Mc donalds the benefits of living near the city. Wooo whooo

  7. Fortunately I live in San Diego so there is 24 hour stuff every where.

  8. That's a great tip to think about 24 hour stuff. We have run into that problem with me running all over the city to get a script filled for DH before the pharmacy closed.

  9. thanks for sharing and great reminders :)

  10. I had a similar experience this week. I took my daughter to urgent care at 8am and they faxed the prescription over to where I asked them...I had no idea it didn't open until 9am.


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