Sunday, October 04, 2009

OC Children's Book Festival

toddlerairbrushtattooI met up with my mom and Angry Toddler today at the Orange County Children's Book Festival. My parents watch Angry Toddler on Sunday, and she was looking for something to do. I suggested the Book Festival since it was something different and local.

I didn't realize how many people would be attending the event. It was crazy. My mom told me that she circled around for about thirty minutes before she found a parking spot. I eventually met up with her and Angry Toddler.

We checked out some trains. Angry Toddler is used to playing with his Thomas Trains, but I don't think he's seen mechanical trains. He was pretty impressed with them, and how big they were. We then started to look around. I found my friend, Debbie and her husband from Dippin' Dots. I introduced my mom to them and we had some dots, of course. My mom had never had Dippin' Dots, she was intrigued.

We then walked around some more. We headed towards the bounce house, Angry Toddler bounced. We listened to the girls who do the voices for The Wonder Pets read and sing. Angry Toddler got a tattoo. What a tattoo? He got an airbrushed tattoo of a skull with a snake. That's how we roll.

booksigningWe walked some more. We checked out some fabulous books and of course their authors. Angry Toddler got a skateboard book. He's still talking about it.

And then it was time to leave. We spent about two hours there, and then I carried Angry Toddler to the car. Geez, the kid is getting heavy. It's not fun to carry a 45-pound kid a mile to the car.

My mom said that he took a two hour nap when they got home.


  1. You are a good mother to carry your baby 1 mile. I can barely lift my 40lb child any more! xoxo


  2. Too fun. We recently moved from OC to a place I shall not name - let's just say, we miss Ca. Loved the book festival last year. Was the tooth fairy lady there again? Glad to find your blog!


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