Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Love for Converse

I'm trying to clean up around the house right now. Part of my daily cleaning ritual, is putting the shoes away. For three people, we have way too many pairs of shoes. Ok, I admit it, I love shoes. I keep the excess shoes in our garage. Our house is small, so we have a rack in there. I counted at least four pairs of Converse on the shelf.

I really love my lo-top Chuck Taylors. I keep buying the black ones over and over again. They are very practical for me. I usually wear boot-leg jeans so Converse are the perfect casual shoe to go with them. When I want to dress up my jeans, I wear ballet flats or something. But most of the time, I wear Converse.

I've been coveting these for awhile now. Everytime I go to Kohl's, I see them on display. But I won't buy them, because I keep trying to justify the color. I'm a matchy-matchy person and would have to pair them with something solid like black. They are almost the color of my blog template, maybe that's why I love them so much.

I tried checked on the Kohl's website, but they aren't there. Sigh...

Maybe if I had a coupon or something, I would get them. My birthday is next month, hmmm....size 9 people in women's...


  1. Another reason we are soul mates/sister wives. I, too, am obsessed with Converse shoes. I still wear the same blue ones I had in high school. Plus I've added more to my closet: pink, black and my current favorite gray with colored wheelchairs. I still want the crossword puzzle ones though.

    Try TJ Maxx... I find them there all the time on clearance for under $10.

  2. I am visiting from SITS - happy Tuesday!

    I have to say that I used to LIVE in Chuck Taylors! I had black, red, navy... you have inspired me to consider getting a pair, how fun!

  3. I love them, too, and wore them all through college. Still do sometimes. My kids wear them. Our 8 year old has recently torn through is $40 pair, so it's back to Keens (indestructable) for him. Sorry, Charlie.

  4. I have those exact shoes and love them! I do always wear them with black though. Did you get my email? We are in the area this week at DL.

  5. I personally don't like them, but we have a ton of them in our home to! That's all my 2 girls wear and my one son! He just bought some of the taller ones in orange and black!
    Hope you have a great week Julie!

  6. I was soo inspired by my own post that I wore Converse last night. It's all about accessorizing. I don't think anyone noticed my "gym" shoes, and I was still rockin'. I know that not everyone loves Converse, but they work for me.

  7. Stopping in from SITS. Loving your blog, so colorful and fun...off to read more!

  8. Converse are amazing! These are the only tennis shoe type shoes I'll buy. I wear them everywhere & with everything!

    I usually stick with black & blue but I'm eyeballing gray ones...I think it's time to go shopping :)


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