Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Muffin Man

On Monday night, Angry Husband went on a rampage in the kitchen. I think he was looking for something in the pantry. Our pantry is poorly designed. It's deep and things go lost. Yea, perhaps he found some expired bread and rolls. Sorry, but sometimes it gets lost.

He removed everything and went through it all. You should see our trash can, gross. After all was said and done, he pulled out a bunch of bread and muffin mixes. He said, "make these". That was on the top of my list at 7pm, after working all day. So what does he do? He starts making chocolate chip muffins. I was laughing. He's usually the cook, so this is nothing new. But I almost wanted to put an apron on him.

Angry Toddler was very excited about the pantry clean-up. He immediately started digging in.


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