Thursday, October 22, 2009

How I Edit My Photos

I have a little secret to share with everyone. Yes, I use a Nikon D60 DSLR camera. I love this camera, but it's the smaller DSLR version. I used to have a D70 and I use a D80 at work. But really my secret is....the I shoot in program or automatic. I know, I know...all this fancy equipment and I don't utilize it. Really, I don't have time to mess with my camera. I have way too many things going on. I should probably take a class or something. Everyone I know who's in the photography biz, uses Canon. I have nothing against Canon, but we use Nikon's at work, so that's why I use Nikon at home.

But how do I do all these really awesome things with my camera? Well they are awesome to me! I usually have a third person with me, when I'm out and about with Angry Toddler. He's just moving way too fast, and I can't take that many pictures when it's just the two of us. So I'm able to focus more on the picture, and what I want from it. I also take pictures when I'm by myself. All my Wordless Wednesday Disney Pictures, were mostly taken when it was just my mom and I on a recent trip to Disneyland. I was able to focus on the awesomeness of Disneyland; the lights, the buildings, the food, and of course the characters.

I use an online program, called Picnik, to edit my photos. It is free, but you can upgrade your membership to have more options. I have an upgraded membership. I'm going to show you some cool stuff that I did with Picnik. If you read my blog enough, you see that I like to round the corners of my photos. That is actually a frame from Picnik.

The Original Photo

Playing With Some Colors.

Using Some Halloween Techniques.

Seriously this is so easy to use. Plus it does not edit the original photo. You can always go back to the original. I love it. And my favorite part, since it's not computer software, you can edit your photos from any computer with Internet access.


  1. Ooh, this is neat-o!

    I downloaded a photo editing program called Photoscape to do all of my fancy little photo edits.

    I'll have to try out Picnik when, heaven forbid, I don't have my nifty new Netbook and Passport in my purse. Oh crap, now I'm going to get mugged. Eff!

  2. That Halloween technique is brilliant - I use Picnik but haven't seen that.

    I love that you still use automatic even though you have a fancy camera. I want to upgrade my camera but felt as though I wouldn't be using all the fancy buttons so it wouldn't be worth it. Now I'm inspired to upgrade.

  3. I love picnik! I just can't say that enough! My kids have had a BLAST playing with the Halloween feature.

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