Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Decorations

I'm a total slacker, as always. I asked Angry Husband to get my decorations down from the rafters weeks ago, and he did. I'm busy and overwhelmed. I finally went through my house and added some "Halloween" touches to it.

Most of my goodies are picture frames and candle holders. I bought WAY too many candle holders when I was young, pre-child, and had money to throw away. At least, I can decorate with the candle holders once a year.

After seeing Kelly's post with all her picture frames, I decided to purchase some cute Halloween ones myself. I went to TJ Maxx and found a bunch of great frames for $4.99-$7.99. They were difference shapes and sizes.

So I'll share my pictures now...I have more decorations in my tote, but alas I might put them out later this week. Seriously, Halloween has come way too fast this year. I might have to start organizing for Christmas next week.


  1. I still need to carve the dang pumpkins...can't even think about Christmas:O

  2. Love the stripey frame! And, late decorating is better than none at all.

  3. i love that striped frame on the left side of your fireplace! where did you get that? i havent decorated our place one bit in two years. ive decorated my office at work but thats it.

  4. Stripey frame is from Target, circa last year! Must decorate more, maybe tomorrow!

  5. I was JUST looking at Kelly's post and thought the pictures were a great idea too! I even wrote it down on a piece of paper--not like that means I'll actually do it, but still...
    I like your touches.

  6. We are way behind as well but I just blaming moving. I don't even know if we will get to the pumpkin patch this year. :o(


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