Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pre-Fall Retail Therapy

Angry Husband took Angry Toddler to hang out with him on Saturday. My mom was coming over to watch Angry Toddler. So we (mom and I) decided to hit the local outdoor mall. We ate lunch at Red Robin. I completely freaked out because they now have a list of their menu items with the actual calories on the tables. Luckily, I was already eating a small salad.

I then took my mom into Anthropologie. I don't think she has ever been in there. We both found many things that we liked. I tried on two dresses, and a skirt. They were all fabulous. I ended up getting the skirt because it was more practical, and well,
umm cheaper. But I have to share these items with you.

The Slice-Of-Lime Dress. You can't tell but the inside lining is pink. This is a perfect classic dress. They didn't have my size. I "could" order it online. Still trying to justify the price though. Adorable on though. And the bow, perfection!

The Storm-of Shapes-Dress, was a great brown dress. It actually had pockets on it. I usually go for an a-line style, but this actually looked decent on me. I had a great 1960's theme to it. I really don't know how practical it is for me, though. I think the dress above would be a little more practical.

The Trompe L'Oeil Stitchery Skirt was the only thing that I walked away with from Anthropologie. It's a classic a-line and there are so many colors in it. There are so many outfit combinations that I can make with this skirt. I think I might wear it to our first Junior League Meeting this month.

Oh, and one of my favorite places, Harvey's Seatbeltbags had a discount code this past month. Of course, I waited till the last minute on Monday the 31st, to decide. I ordered this wallet, the Patchwork Clutch. It is currently sold out, but they are going to send me one when they are available at the end of the month.
I can't wait to find more goodies for the Fall. Although, Fall shopping is really hard to do when it's 100 degrees outside. I need to buy some things for Angry Toddler too. I don't think he will want to try on pants and long sleeve shirts right now.

P.S. All of my photos were borrowed from Anthropologie and Harvey's sites.


  1. It is INCREDIBLY tough to shop for fancy new duds when the temps are well above 100 in the fall. Dastardly west coast with our sunshine and sweat stains like we all man a taco stand in the middle of the noon lunch rush.

    I'm going to Anthro in 21 days to celebrate the official start of the fall season. Hopefully it won't be swampass-ish out.

  2. OOoooh...love that slice of lime dress. I know that would look great on you. Your new skirt is nice too. I like patterns like that where a lot of shirt options are available. I've never been in Anthropologie before and we have one just a few miles from me. You may have talked me into taking a looksie.

  3. I love Anthropologie so much I could cry! All their stuff is amazing--house stuff too.
    I really like that they are making skirts and dresses with pockets now. It reminds me of the '50s, like something Lucy would wear.

  4. If I could pitch a tent in Anthropologie and live there I would. Right there in the store. Love it! Love the colors of the clothes, too. Color!

  5. I LOVE all of those! Well, there's not much at Anthropologie I don't love. I might have to have that slice of lime dress for a wedding in October. BUT, I might have to wait for my mom to take me birthday shopping. Fashion Island here we come! I might not be able to wait for that skirt though. Holy crap, the cuteness is overwhelming.

  6. I need to go shopping but have no tmie right now! Your post has inspired me to FIND time!

  7. Get the dresses! Do it!! You will have them forever! Really the stuff from there is heirloom quality. And I'm not just pressuring you because I went to anthro (yeah I call it anthro because we are so tight) on tursday and got two bags worth of stuff... the big bag. YES that much stuff! The one at Facist Island has the BIGGEST sale room ever. I'm talking pants for $19.95!!!! I'm going to wear my new dress from there to the blog crush thing on the 16th. It was half price!!

  8. Get the dresses out of respect for the fact that you can wear them all year where you are! =)

    I would do anything to get Anthropologie to sponsor me. Think I could get a new wardrobe? Love their clothes, don't have any stores here though, total PIA.

    thanks for posting those bags, super cute.

  9. it's all so cute. just get it all (if you haven't already!)


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