Monday, September 28, 2009

No, I Won't Join Your Mafia

Once again, I'm annoyed with Facebook. I'm pretty sure you wondering, why don't I just delete my account and move on? Well, I use it for Junior League and to network with friends from the past. I actually like looking at pictures of people's children. Sometimes the day to day stuff is a nice break.

But within the pregnancy announcements, the new homes, the births, and vacations photos are the applications. I have "friends" where their entire wall is either Mafia Wars and/or Farmville. Do I want to join your mafia? Nope, not now, not ever.

Angry Husband was complaining about our computer in the office, which is not my Macbook. I won't let his hands touch my Macbook. Angry Husband has a Dell in the office, which is his "gaming" computer. He had to have the top of the line graphics card, hard drive you name it. Well he's been complaining about the computer being SLOW. I just roll my eyes. He then proceeded to tell me that the computer has some issues and then he needs to wipe the entire hard drive. I proceed to lecture him with my Facebook/MySpace education seminar. I told him that these "games" on Facebook and/or MySpace are applications which can cause viruses and other problems with your computer. Angry Husband is the king of clicking on things. He just can't stop. I also think he has a slight addiction to these little games. He plays Mafia Wars, Pirates, and even Sorority Life. He even had a Facebook War with my best friend over a Tetris Game. Guess who has to re-format the entire computer now?

I currently have over a 100 invitations hidden on my Facebook account. Here are some of the them.

*Jane wants you to join their crew in Mafia Wars, a Mob-style game of combat & criminal empire played on Facebook. Start out as a small-time hood and fight your way up to ruling your own crime family!

*Hey, I added you as my relative on We're Related. Can you do me a favor and add your relatives too? You'll help me see who I'm related to on Facebook.

*Here is a Ramboo plant for your (Lil) Green Patch. Could you help me by sending a plant back? Together we can fight Global Warming!

*I've added you as one of my favorite moms on Mommyhood. Join my Mommyhood so we can share advice and send each other fun gifts!

*Here's a Juicy Couture Dress to help you out in Sorority Life. Please send me a gift back and together we can become the most powerful house in Sorority Life!

Seriously, I'm over the games and applications on Facebook. But at least, I can hide most of them. I have a new pet peeve within the past few weeks. My best friend, Stacey, also shares my view on this. Well, actually there are two pet peeves.

1. Passive-Aggressive Statuses: They make you wonder, is this person talking about me? What the heck have I done to piss them off?

2. Political Statements: They hear something on the news, involving politics. It may be about healthcare, educations, you name it. They have to give their opinion and they want the controversy.

I just wish people would realize whom they have as "friends" on their Facebook accounts. I have family, high school friends, college friends, sorority sisters, co-workers, supervisors, bloggers and other random people. It's quite a group. We've had several discussions at work lately about some of the "statuses" we've seen. Actually several wars have started because of Facebook comments, statuses, and pictures.

So no, I won't accept your drink or play Farkle with you.


  1. I'm laughing so hard right now because I don't play mafia, I don't farm and I don't zoo or whatever it is! I have over 100 requests!

    Seriously sometimes I contemplate deleting FB because I am tried of passive-aggressive people. I always wonder is it me you are ticked at? I also hate people that do that on Twitter. Oh and the political comments drive me insane. I'm a middle of the road person and "friends" that leave incendiary comments on either side of the spectrum politically just to spark controversy make me want to scream!

  2. I could not agree now. I wanted to update my status last night to say that I never want to see anything about Farmville again. But I stopped myself. Those games are so annoying!!!

  3. Amen. Do these people have jobs? Seriously.

  4. Gah! I hate mafia wars!! I'm glad I'm not alone.

  5. Nope, don't have a job and love it that way!

    I promise to not send you a pig but I do play Farmville;) We have 4 generations of Farmville players in my family and we all talk about it when we get would totally vomit!

    I was not much of a computer game type person until FB, it's the competitive side that gets me going. I love jabbing with old friends about who can kick whose butt. That's just how I roll...

    I do have to put a vote in for the health TMI's...don't want to know you are on the way to get a colonoscopy...thanks.

  6. I don't do any of that stuff either but I started blocking all the applications. However I do FARKLE but don't send out anything to my friends about. I like to FARKLE with myself only. Kinda sounds naughty huh!

  7. Ha! I know. What about the quizzes!?!? I can't stand those. I think FB is such a time waster... and I have my blog for that!

  8. Thanks for posting this. I have a huge collection of invitations, gifts, requests and other things on my FB too and I just ignore it all. Sometimes I feel bad, like, are the senders miffed that I haven't sent a drink back to them? Then I figure, if I'm important to them, we'll meet for a real drink. Right?

  9. Try It's facebook without all the apps.

  10. Hee, I have over 100 requests now too.

    But my facebook has a ton of Mafia Wars stuff because my fiance plays under my name.. since he doesn't like facebook... or so he says in between recruiting mafia members.

  11. Great post Julie!!! You hit the nail on the head with this. Mafia Wars? No idea what that's all about--thank goodness we can hide it.
    Passive aggressive status: I always think they are about me. Always. I wondered if I was the only one.
    Thanks for the post. I still love Facebook but someone had to point out it's little annoyances.

  12. The app requests have gotten out of control. I totally agree. Now I start seeing all of these people on twitter sending me direct messages. It is so annoying to weed through this junk just to get to the real stuff I like. I had to create a new facebook account where I make it clear that I will delete anyone who sends me a request. I know it's harsh but it's too annoying to deal with. Good Luck with yours:)

  13. Sorry about my farm and the Tetris war. I try not to post stuff about my farm. BUT the passive agressive and political posts drive me CRAZY. I'm going thru my friends list soon and deleting the passive aggressive ones. I can actually handle the political ones much better.

  14. I think some people in my real life saw this post. I got some de-friends this week. Oh well, their loss.

  15. Don't forget the Debbie Downer status updaters too! The ones that always complain about how crappy their life is or just are overall negative 24/7. I hate the political ones, those are on ignore from my news feed indefinitely.

  16. I like to play the games, but I think I am smart about it... I don't ask other people to play and just click the "skip" button!! I can definitely see how annoying it is to continuously receive those requests!
    I also like your coinage of the term "de-friend." Rather innovative ;)

  17. dropping by from SITS and i can 100% relate to this post. you crack me up! my very LEAST fave are the passive-aggresive statuses. i have a couple of "friends" that always leave me wondering. i'm thankful for that little 'hide' button, though. that way, there's no hard feelings for de-friending, but i still don't have to see their junk!


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