Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kogi BBQ...An Adventure

Last weekend, the Kogi Korean BBQ truck was in Orange County. I just happened to be around when it was here. The truck was scheduled to be at there from 10pm-1am. I think that I actually received my food around 11:15pm-ish. I got the pork sliders and pork burritos. I ate two of the sliders and gave the rest of my food to my co-workers. I'm usually a pretty bland white-bread type of eater. But I went for it this time. The sliders were sooooo good. There were lots of onions in them, but they were so small I overlooked them. There was a huge line when I left and there were cars parked everywhere. If they are in Orange County again, I might have to chase them down.


  1. I tried Kogi, a while back. My experience, with them was not so simple. They got kicked out by the city 2 times, and had a multitude of cars following them (including me). I started at 7pm ended up getting my food at around 9:45ish.. It was ok... I don't think I will do that again! I heard the sliders are delicious.


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