Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I gave in...more technology in our house

We are slowly turning into an Apple family. I got a Macbook in March and now we have (2) new editions. Yes, we jumped on in. We are iPhone people now too. I loved my Blackberry. It was pretty much my BFF, sorry Stacey, but you know my addiction to my phone. But Angry Husband's phone broke for the third time. He told me that there was no phone from Verizon that he desired. He was a very strong advocate for getting iPhones. You would think that I would be excited to get an iPhone. I'm a blogger right? I am into technology. But I was addicted to the keyboard on my Blackberry. I'm not a big fan of touch screens. We use them at work, and I get extremely frustrated.

I really had no choice but to go with Angry Husband's decision. We are on a family plan with a corporate discount. We would have huge bills if we stayed with two different cell providers. So we jumped on it. We went to the AT&T store two weeks ago. We walked away with two brand new iPhones.

I haven't been tweeting or blogging as much, because I'm completely overwhelmed. Yes, overwhelmed. I use my phone for everything. It's been a hard transition for me to the iPhone. I have (3) e-mails addresses, (2) twitter accounts, Facebook, and my calendar to manage. I'm losing e-mails because of my Mac Mail and the iPhone syncing. It's hard to figure things out.

My biggest frustration is the texting. I'm a super huge texter. I'm used to speed texting on my Blackberry. I got so frustrated now that I just end up calling people. Because it's easier.

I know that I will come to love this phone, but right now I'm frustrated.

One of the big bonuses for me is that the iPhone has solved some of my OCD issues. I used to jump for my Blackberry when I saw the red blinking light. Since there's no light on my iPhone, I don't stalk it as much.

So I'm pretty conservative with my choice of apps. I have the basics...

Which apps do you recommend? Any great tips?

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  1. OK...I'm on Verizon...I just got a Blackberry. I wanted an Iphone, but I'm just not ready to change our service over. I think if you give it time you'll love it. I know I LOVE my Macbook:)

  2. Oh how I love the BLINKING RED LIGHT! Well I hope you grow to love it like you loved your Blackberry. I love my Blackberry and can't see myself with a iphone but you never know.

  3. See, I HATED the blinking lights on blackberry. It drove me crazy because I couldn't leave it alone. I need to be able just to see my phone but not have it nag me with it's obnoxious lights!

  4. Ok App recommendations....

    Midomi - you can even link it to twitter and tweet the song you are listening to

    Tweetie - i use it to manage multiple twitter accts

    Google reader (if you use)
    AppBox Pro
    If you want to know about produce in season and local farmers markets get Locavore
    Genius - gives you more camera functions like zoom
    Paypal has an app but it's pretty useless

    I have others too but I have to change them out so I don't use up all the space on my phone.

  5. I'm of no help. I'm addicted to my blackberry storm ...!

  6. I have an iPod Touch, not an iPhone but I have Blackjack, Solitaire, bowling, lots of educational stuff for my son, air hockey, Pac Man, Pandora, iHeartRadio (listen to radio stations), a to do list, flashlight, level, Bic lighter, Hangman, puzzles, monthly visitor tracker, Nike+ (as a runner you should get that) and the bubble wrap game.

    There's more but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. If I had an iPhone I'd get Bump, a map application, Shazaam and the one that lets you record voice memos.

  7. Love love love my iphone!!

    I like runkeeper, facebook and pandora. And try peggle to keep AT occupied when you're waiting in line or on a long drive. I have a bunch of games, but peggle is the one that keeps the kids always choose.

  8. That would be a hard transition. Does the iphone not have a keyboard like a Blackberry? I'm sure you'll grow to love it though!


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