Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HalloweenTime at Disneyland

HalloweenTimeatDisneylandSunday morning, I got a text message from Angry Husband, "You wanna do Disney after work?" I replied "yes". Of course I wanted to go. I knew that Disneyland had already been decorated for Halloween. I also saw some tweets on Twitter from Suz and Kelly about Disneyland. They had attended an event on Saturday.

So at about 4pm, we packed our stuff, got in the car and headed that way. I noticed that Disneyland was quite busy, as we waited in a line in the parking structure for about ten minutes. We then parked our car and headed towards the tram. I had an incident with my stroller, and took a gash out of my thumb along the way. I was trying to nurse my injury with a napkin. Angry Husband told me to stop being a baby. As we headed towards the main gate of Disneyland, we realized that the tires were somewhat flat on the stroller. Angry Husband headed towards the stroller rental for a fill-up and I headed towards first aid for a band aid.

GHOSTGALAXYAKASPACEMOUNTAINWe headed straight towards Space Mountain, otherwise known as Ghost Galaxy during Halloween. We saw that there was a 90 minute wait, but we decided that it would be worth it. Plus it was Angry Toddler's first time riding Space Mountain. We ended up in lanes 1 and 2 in the car for the ride. I ended up in space 1, obviously. I told Angry Toddler to close his eyes, if he got scared. I did not know what to expect from the ride, but Kelly told me that it was awesome and that her son, whom is Angry Toddler's age rode it. Well it was dark and scary for sure. I saw lots of flames. I just keep worrying about Angry Toddler. We ended the ride and I turned around. I asked Angry Toddler if he liked the ride, and he nodded "ya". Nothing scares this kid.

MainStUSAatDisneylandduringHalloweenAngry Toddler was getting tired, so we headed down Main St., to hang out for a bit. I like to look at the decorations and the parade was heading down Main St. We had a great view while walking. We stopped and watched the parade for a bit and headed towards the main gate. I suggested going over to Disney's California Adventure for a bit. We casually strolled through DCA and enjoyed the calmness. We headed towards the construction for The World of Color. Angry Husband and Angry Toddler wanted to see the progress.

ConstructionatCaliforniaAdventureWe stayed in Disney's California Adventure for about 30 minutes. We people watched. We checked out the changes. We then decided it was time to go home. Angry Husband and I had both worked earlier in the day, and had to work the next day also. We got Angry Toddler a churro and went on our way.

We know that we will be back several times during HalloweenTime. We didn't get to experience everything while we were there. I love how they decorate the Haunted Mansion. Plus, I NEED to see the fireworks show. I've heard that the fireworks show is a must-see.

This is only my view on HalloweenTime at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. Check out my friend's blogs for more stories. Plus, some super cool videos.

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Oh, and I also did a whrrl story while I was at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure. You can find it here.


  1. One of these days I want to go to Disneyland sans husband and kid and bring my camera. I think there's so many great photo opps, especially during the holidays when the park is decorated.

  2. Going to be there on Monday probably.

  3. i love the hell out of disneyland! i fucking miss it so much! i loved working for disney and my silver pass was a godsend! blake and i would go like EVERY WEEKEND "just for fun".. hahahah! and when i went to CSUF in college, i remember buying an annual pass, so i could just hang out there. i would go on space mountain and come home. or i'd sit on main street and do my homework. i'm awesome like that.
    i am SO EXCITED about the new ghost space mtn! i want to ride it baaaaaaad! why do i live up here in stupid northern california?!?! save meeeeeee

  4. Went went to Disney mid-October a few years ago and really enjoyed the fun changes they bring out for Halloween. The Haunted Mansion is the best!

  5. Way to go to your little guy for giving Ghost Galaxy a go! I had the same feeling; not sure if I was gonna have to "wipe" my girl outta the seat" after it stopped, but she was ok. I asked her today if she'd go again and she said "yea, facing my fears" (musta been on Hannah or something). Thanks for the shout! ;)

  6. My family and I were at Disneyland and California Adventure on Sunday and Monday, too. Our kids couldn't make it through to the fireworks on Sunday night, but my parents said it was amazing. I couldn't believe how crowded it was...and the construction all over both parks didn't really help. I am glad to hear your son liked space mountain. My 4 year old said it was too dark. But that didn't stop him from wanting to go on the Tower of Terror because he was tall enough. yeah, he won't be going on that any time soon! He was scared to death!

  7. I just love Halloween! But I've never been to Disneyland for the holiday -- probably because I just moved out to California a month ago. It looks like so much fun! Disney World once had an alien "ride" (maybe I should call it an "experience") that was apparently so scary, every day might as well have been Halloween.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  8. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    I love going to the parks for Halloween. I've only been to Disneyland twice for Halloween and I loved it. Luckily I get to go to WDW this year!

  9. I went back on Thursday night, and saw the fireworks show with my mom. Seriously awesome!! I can't wait to go again. I'm getting full use of my pass this month.

  10. I am sitting here with a jaw dropped just having read that your 4 year old rode space mountain. That is so freaking cool!

    My kids are total wusses and don't do roller coasters well. (although we live in Ohio and do not get much practice being at theme parks).

    Our major damaging trip to DisneyWorld we forced our then 9 year to go on that kiddy train rollar coaster in the Magic Kingdom in which is shook and panick the whole time in line begging people to help him. I thought for sure by the end children services was going to be called on us he was such a mess, but we were deterimed to "have a good time!" Lol.

    Congrats to your brave little guy!

  11. Haven't taken Landon to Disney yet. What do you think is the right age?


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