Sunday, September 27, 2009

Got Tervis?

Last year, I did a favorite things exchange with my friend, Londie. This is where I was first introduced to Tervis Tumblers. Londie sent me a 17 oz. Tervis Mug with a Texas flag design. I'm obsessed with this mug, and I use it all the time.

Recently, I got an e-mail from Tommy Bahama. They are now selling a special collection of Tervis Tumblers, including a 50th Anniversary of Hawaii Edition. And of course I had to get it, it has a hula dancer on it.

Well I've been carrying that Tommy Bahama Tervis Tumbler around the house for a week now. At one moment the other night, I could not find it. I asked Angry Husband where my special cup was. He replied with an "oh, that hula dancer cup is in the dishwasher." Ack! I know that you can put these in the dish washer but this cup is soo precious to me. I politely instructed Angry Husband that my cup was very special and it was kinda pricey, so be nice to it. He just rolled his eyes.

Well last night, he went to fill up my water in the fabulous cup. He put it down and mentioned, "well I think that cup is worth the money, the ice doesn't melt it in, and the glass doesn't sweat everywhere."

Angry Husband makes fun of my addiction to my Tervis Tumblers, but really I think he's jealous. I think Tervis has another new fan.


  1. I love Tommy Bahama and the tumblers. They are fabulous for drinks by the pool or on the beach. I save up my 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupons to stock up on them!!

  2. I love tumblers too! I don't know why but drinks just taste better out of them! ;)

  3. You and Lorna have to stop this shit. I'm going to go broke if I keep reading your blogs! You would not believe what I ordered from Boden today. Sigh ....

  4. i love the tervis tumbler. and i only have one with texas tech on it. nobody is to drink out of it except for me, and not dishwasher either!!
    you should host a tervis tumbler exchange, hint..hint....


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