Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Planes of Fame Air Museum

Last Sunday, the boys in my household *Angry Husband and Angry Toddler" took a little trip to Chino. What's in Chino? Well there's an air museum called "Planes of Fame Air Museum". Planes of Fame is an independently operated aviation museum dedicated to collecting, restoring, and preserving aircrafts and memorabilia for educational benefit.

Angry Husband's BFF, Eric, told him about this museum. Eric went with Angry Husband and Angry Toddler. What was Angry Julie doing? Julie was sleeping on the couch, and then she went to work later that afternoon. Don't be jealous. I love touring the sites with the best of them. But walking around a tarmac in Chino, in the summer, not my idea of fun. Think hot, melting sun.

Angry Toddler fell in love when he entered the museum. This love was not any type of aircraft. Oh yes, it was a vending machine. He declared to the hubs, "my favorite".

Angry Husband said that Angry Toddler fit nicely in this B-17 Ball Turret. What the heck is a Ball Turret? A Ball Turret is a space on the bottom of a B-17 where a gunner stayed for approximately five to ten hours with tempuratures averaging 50 below. No thanks. Plus the space was really small, according to Angry Husband.

YEE-Haw, This is the bomb. Angry Toddler was riding a bomb, umm Rodeo Style?

But yes, it is an Air Museum, so you probably want to see some aircrafts, right? Here they are:

Angry Husband took like 200 photos that day. I know you want to see more. Check out my Flickr Account for the rest.


  1. I read about this place when I was researching our California trip. So cool!

  2. Hi Julie! I saw you at the show! That was so much fun, wasn't it? I thought everyone did such a great job! I can't wait to see it on TV. And good for you for standing up to speak your mind!

  3. This looks like so much fun! Ben would LOVE it! Especially the vending machines LOL!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! My son would be all over this! I think i'm going to take a side trip this weekend to Chino-(not much of a side trip since it's practically next door to YL)

  5. Love this post! FYI, the museum has living history events the 1st Saturday of every month. Something usually flies and the speakers are the real deal. Also, KTLA is featuring the museum in their tank away fron LA series this week. Doubt they'll focus on the vending machine though!

  6. Oh The Little Man would be all over this place! Fun:)

  7. I haven't heard about this one. My kids will love it. Great seeing ya on Wednesday.

  8. I want to go soooooooo bad! Looks like you guys had fun!


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