Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Spotted and The OC Blogger Awards

Last night I attended "Just Spotted's" OC Blog Awards Party. This was their first annual awards. I was nominated for "Favorite Local Micro-Blogger" and oh my gosh, I won. I would like to thank all my fans for voting for little ole' me!!!! You rock!!!

I'm so glad that I was able to meet so many people that I've only spoken with through the computer. My favorite person to meet was Debbie from Dippin' Dots. I chatted with Debbie on Twitter for awhile now. And ironically, I've never even tried Dippin' Dots. Well hello, I love me some dots now. I tried the rainbow ice. I'm trying to be dairy free right now. The rainbow ice hit the spot.

I also met awesome people like Hollie from the Anaheim Hilton, Carolyn from @OCRealtress, @sbonnin and some many other people that my ADD keeps me from remembering. So "HI" to everyone!!!

One of the most awesome parts of the night was the photo booth provided by Capital Photo Booths. I wish I would have tried more poses. I took these photos at the beginning and then forgot to go back. When I got to my car later that night, Kristin had left a set of her photos on my car window. I giggled.

I just want to give a HUGE Thank You to Coleen and Kelly for putting on this event. I know that it takes a lot of work to put on an event with this many people. There is hours of hours of time spent behind the scenes, and both of these women have children to raise too. So I thank them!!

And here's a list of all of the winners! Everyone is really a winner just to get nominated though!!!

The 2009 "You've Just Been Spotted" Orange County Blog Awards Reader's Choice goes to...

Most Creative Site: Made
Best Food or Cooking Site: Fast Food Maven
Fabulous Lifestyle & Design Site: Sadie Olive
Great Shopping & Style Site:
Site with most Beautiful "Eye Candy": Kamee June
Best "Kid & Family Friendly" Site: Tiny Oranges
Favorite Local Blog: Alive in Wonderland
Top "Local News": Seal Beach Daily
Favorite Local Micro-Blogger: AngryJulie
The Runner's Up (otherwise known as Editor's Choice) are...
Most Creative Site: This Mama Makes Stuff
Best Food or Cooking Site: Picky Palate
Fabulous Lifestyle & Design Site: Peace, Love and Momminess
Great Shopping & Style Site: Popshopology
Site with most Beautiful "Eye Candy": Tara Whitney
Best "Kid & Family Friendly" Site: Double the Adventure
Favorite Local Blog: Twenty Four at Heart
Top "Local News": Daily Pilot
Favorite Local Micro-Blogger: YelpOC


  1. Oh my god. haha lookin good! you are such a winner! i just realized i forgot to bring you vegan cupcakes. crap. well ill just have to meet up with you and pass some along...

  2. Congrats!! :) That's exciting! :) Glad you had fun and maybe next time I'll get nominated well I guess I'm not OC enough for you :) I kid!

  3. I am so excited for you! You most DEFINITELY deserved this!

  4. Congrats!!

    Oh, I love me some Dippin Dots!

  5. very cool congrats

  6. You win so many awards!!!! Yay for you!!! I never ever hear about blog events here in Orlando. We must be a little slow to catch on.

  7. So cute!! I love you in the sunglasses... so posh!

  8. Congratulations!! I don't mean to sound dumb, but what is a micro-blogger? You certainly keep me laughing as a mom/woman with your family stories and the people watching, plus you keep me thinking about my blog and ways to improve it. Good job AJ!!! and thanks

  9. That was the best part, meeting all the other bloggers and Twitterers. I think the pictures of you turned out cute.

  10. Go Julie! Go Julie! It's your birthday!

  11. Thanks everyone!!! I ramble soo much on Twitter. Really, my best blogging is done on Twitter. I censor a lot of stuff that I write on my blog because of my job, family, etc. I'm a little more myself on Twitter. Not that I'm not myself on my blog, I'm just different and more random on Twitter.

  12. Congrats, Julie! And great talk to you. Debbie

  13. How cool is that!?! Congrats:)

    I've never tried the Dippin Dots, now I'm curious...


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