Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Traditions

The Angry Family likes to eat out, which does not work with my “Angry Julie on a Budget” philosophy. We’ve been doing very well with eating at home. Although we do like going out for Sunday morning breakfast.

We always talk about going somewhere different, yet we end up at the same places. One of our favorite places to go is Ruby’s Diner. There are several Ruby’s in Orange County.

Angry Toddler loves their menus which are usually some kind of vehicle, that you have to assemble. If I’m by myself with Angry Toddler, it takes me at least 10-15 minutes to put these vehicle/menus together. Angry Husband can put them together in less than a minute. He’s such a show off.

I especially love going to Ruby’s lately. They are serving fresh strawberries with their meals. I splurge a little and get the “Cinnamon Roll Fresh Toast” with strawberries, while Angry Toddler gets the “Silver Dollar Pancakes” with strawberries. Angry Toddler always asks for a spoon so that he can eat the whip cream off the top.

Last Sunday, we had a special treat when we went to Ruby’s. There was a woman from Whatta Balloon making balloon animals there. She approached the table and asked Angry Toddler what kind of animal that he would like her to make. He couldn’t make up his mind. Probably because she couldn’t make a Transformer. I suggested a spider and he agreed. He actually stated that he wanted a “yellow banana spider”. Yea, ok, whatever.

She was fantastic. I couldn't tell you how many balloons that she used to make the spider, but there were a lot. When it was said and done, the spider balloon creation was fabulous. So fabulous that I asked for her information, just in case that anyone in Orange County is looking for someone that does balloon animals.

We always leave Ruby’s Diner full. I totally indulged by eating that “Cinnamon Roll French Toast with Strawberries” , but you only live once.

Right before we were leaving the restaurant, Angry Toddler had a complete fit. Because he decided that he wanted a “black spider balloon animal”. But of course he did. This is always changing his mind. He said, “I want a black widow spider balloon, because I like black widows and black is my favorite color”. And people wonder why he gives me anxiety.

Do you have Sunday traditions, weekly food traditions, or something special that you do with your family once a week? Let me know. I love to hear about what everyone else does, especially in different regions.

P.S. This post was sponsored by my credit card, my lack of bad budgeting, love for good food and yellow balloon spiders.


  1. How fun! I usually make a batch of homemade pancakes...blueberry for hubby and chocolate chip for the kids. (If we do mass, it's on Saturday night.)

  2. You've made me so hungry! Ruby's is one of my favorite restaurants. My husband & I went to the one on the Huntington Beach pier on one of our first dates.

    I think it's great that you guys have a tradition (even if it does break your budget). We don't have one but now I think we should :)

  3. On Sundays after church - my hubby makes Spaghetti and garlic bread from scratch. It's something we look forward to and has been passed on from his great grandparents when they would gather up the clan back in Italy. I hope my kids continue the tradition.

    Ruby's yum yum! I've never actually had their breakfast. Speaking of ruby's tomorrow is their Rollback day. You can get a burger/fries combo for 2.79. Good for the budget- not good for my diet!

  4. We love eating out too. One of our traditions during the school year is Friday morning breakfast at Panera bread. The children and I go before school and we look forward to it. Saturday morning hubby and I make a big breakfast together and we enjoy it out on our back porch. We use our espresso maker to make capuccino and it is a wonderful way to start the weekend!

  5. You have to go out to eat once a week and Sunday mornings are the perfect day to do it!

    Your french toast looks like heaven and so did the Roy Rogers.

  6. Nice to meet you at BlogHer Julie!

  7. Oh sleepy only weekly tradition is doing my effin laundry on Sunday.

  8. I edited this post a little. Stacey mentioned all my spelling errors to me...sorry, it was typed on a plane ride..and I might have been medicated!

  9. Our family tradition is pizza Fridays. It started out as me buying things at the store and assembling pizza on a ready made crust, and has evolved into DH making from scratch pizza dough for the crust and him and the kids putting pizza together. It is a fun evening, though it can be a litte too much for DH when the kids decide not to listen. Did I mention our kids are 5 and 2. This tradition has been going on for about 3-4 years now. We rarely miss a pizza Friday, and homemade pizza evolved from trying to budget wise.


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