Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Wedding Party and Flowers/Ceremony

Today on Kelly's Korner, she is featuring "Show Us Your Life-Wedding Party and Flowers/Ceremony". Last week, she featured our wedding dresses. I'm so glad that I picked the wedding dress that best represented my personality.

Our wedding party was very small. Angry Husband had his dad as Best Man and I had a friend as Maid of Honor. I will not mention that friend's name. I'm sure that I will read many happy stories about people's weddings on this carnival. My wedding was very happy. But my Maid of Honor and I, are no longer friends. I wonder how many people are still friends with their Maid of Honor or people in their wedding party? After eleven years, people and situations change. Unfortunately, life is not always rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns.

My friend and I had known each other since Junior High. We had one of those off/on relationships. Sometimes, we were friends, and sometimes we didn't talk. This was one of my more stable friendships when I was getting married, so I picked her. We had a small wedding, so I didn't want a ton of attendants. A few years after I got married, my friend ran into some problems. She got fired from her job, went back and forth on some temporary jobs, and ended up getting kicked out of her apartment. She came to live with us for a few weeks and drove me crazy. I finally had enough and kicked her out. She had family locally, so she went to live with them. I think the last time that I saw her was at our 10-year high school reunion. I know several people who never talk to their Maid of Honor and/or Bridesmaids. Life gets in the way and you part. That's what happens with friendships. Some times you don't have anything in common anymore.

Now back to the happy. My theme was red. My Maid of Honor wore a red dress. Since she was the only person in my wedding party, I let her pick out the dress. She chose a simple red dress. The Best Man, Angry Husband's dad, wore a tux. My flowers were tulips. I love tulips. Although it's pretty hard to find tulips, in Las Vegas, in December. But they did it. They were beautiful until they started flopping, as tulips do.

Before the wedding, I had my hair done at the hair salon in the Hotel. Big mistake. I just had a simple up-do, which in reality was a teased ponytail. They charged me $120. My Maid of Honor had a lot more done to her hair (curls, up-do, etc.), they charged her less than $50. I know I was the Bride, but seriously, $120 for a pony tail. We went and had our make-up done at the mall, at the Clinique counter I think?

We had a simple ceremony. I think we invited less than 50 people, so it was over pretty quick. Before the ceremony, I had my usual squabbles with my mom, etc. I'm a pain in the butt, would you expect anything less.

i have pictures with my Maid of Honor, but I really don't want to include them in this post. It makes my stomach hurt. There are so many more stories about this friend, but I don' t want to turn it into a nasty post.

I'm going to include a picture of myself, and my grandmother. She passed away in 2004, about a month before I found out that I was pregnant with Angry Toddler. It's not a great picture, but hey, you can see my flowers.


  1. It's sad when friendships end..especially when it leaves a hurt in your heart. Your grandmother is gorgeous and so are you!

  2. I was a MOH in a wedding a few years back and no longer speak to the's so devastating to think about the fun day and where things went wrong. : (

    Great picture with your Grammy...sorry she was never able to meet AT, but I'm sure she's been watching over him from Heaven!

  3. Your maid of honor story is exactly the reason I picked my sister as maid of honor (and she picked me when she was married). We figured that was one event where blood is thicker than water. When she married she had 6 attendants and doesn't speak to one of the girls anymore. Sad. Oh well, can't dwell on that stuff. Your picture of your Grammy is grandmother is also called "Grammy!" :)

  4. What a special picture. Back from Cali....been posting a ton about the lovely place you live! So jealous.

  5. That is so interesting, I guess it's true. I got married when I was 21 and divorced 4 years later which is totally not the point, point is I no longer speak with my maid of honor either. We were friends up until February of this year when we had a falling out. I miss her but we are both too stubborn to talk. It's sad really.

  6. Tulips are my favorite flower of all time.


  7. My best friend never talked to me again after I told her I was engaged. It's weird how people just move out of your life...

  8. My maid of honor was my former roomate and at one time my best friend. It's really kind of sad but we are no longer friends. We never really had a falling out just gradually stopped talking. Great post! Thanks for sharing Julie.

    BTW I love the flowers- tullips are my fav!

  9. Friends are so hard! Why??!! I still talk to my maid of honor, but I have a list that could be bound into several volumes of books of friends that I no longer speak to for various reasons.

    I love tulips, too! My wedding was in July and my florist said tulips would be too hard to get. I've since learned that she might have been exaggerating. (See above, her name is in Volume 3.)

  10. I love that picture-- you can just feel the happy. :)

  11. I remember this wedding. :) It was fun...but I got you a lame gift. I can blame the ex-BF for that one, it was his idea....God he was lame.


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